CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

Last year, we were stoked to share with you the brilliantly insane color pallet of New York City graphic artist, designer and “Hello my name is” sticker enthusiast Ty. This guy draws happy, creepy cloud people who throw up rainbows and look pretty ecstatic doing it. What’s not to love? We were instantly hooked.

Things got better when he shared with us his awesome summer sunglasses design, which featured two happy cloud dudes getting their summer party on. We dug ‘em because they turn that silly rave trend of marked up hater blockers, usually designed as walking adverts for over-priced nightlife, into a really original and eye-popping accessory.

You better know those bitches sold out like tickets to a titty show, and we’ve been mourning our slow asses ever since.

Yet thank the spirit of Lisa Frank, these beautiful bitches are back! It’s a whole new hot season and a whole new design. We might even like this one better. What beats cross-lens rainbow puke! NOTHING.

Purchasing one of these wholly original designs accomplishes two things. 1) You’re supporting an artist with a whole lot of vision and attitude, which is more than we can say for most of our inane purchases. 2) They’re limited and pretty fucking different from anything else we’ve seen. For $15, you’ve got yourself a unique, dramatic and super-fun accessory everyone around you will pretty much poop their pants about.

Must we remind you? Festival seasons is upon us. You need a sick pair of party shades for all your upcoming adventures, and these will be a conversation starter anywhere you go.

They come in five frame colors. Choose from Back to Black, Slime Green, Electric Pink, Baby Bluez and Tylighter (adorbs) Yellow. Get bold as shit and wear something as loud as your personality, or match the standard dark frames with every day looks. Fuck it, but a few of em! There are different packages available. And again, you’re like a patron of the arts! Be a patron.

Order online while you still can at While you’re there, check out his other works. Take a look at his past CLOUDZbyTy designs, his posters, his sticker graffiti out in the streets of NYC, and be amazed. It’s literally like characters from FriendsWithYou and Adventure Time took acid together at an Andy Warhol memorial. Shit is mad real.

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