Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers – Fuzzbox [GND Records]

Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers – Fuzzbox [GND Records]

Every time Shinichi Osawa and Paul Chambers come together and make a tune, some distant galaxy torn in war suddenly stops fighting and unites in peace.

Their newest collaboration, “Fuzzbox,” is another tune for everyone’s arsenal, wether you’re a DJ or not (well, who isn’t these days?).

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The tune starts off with broken beats and random synth fills with vocal samples here and there. The first chorus is a progressive, steady beat and melody, with more and more sounds gradually added. The main breakdown in the middle of the song turns into a smooth steady build, with the vocal “Distortion” repeating throughout as it builds.

Before you are taken back into the action, you are slapped in the face with a second, streamlined build. An acid filled segment with little kicks, this segment is for listening and taking in. Your dancing resumes shortly after when the massive kick joins back in all the way till the end.

On top of the original, this release inclues a groovy remix by Alex Gopher. Taking the tempo way down, Alex strips the original of most of it’s components, save a very low-level riding synth in the background. This remix is the smooth, poolside counterpart to the original that leans to the side of deep house.

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