Jacek Yerka Paints Surreal Fantasies

Jacek Yerka Paints Surreal Fantasies

“Making a painting is not an easy thing,” Polish-born surrealist painter Jacek Yerka starts on his website. He then goes on to humorously explain the basic process by which he creates his works, detailing the many stages of a painting and how his wife and daughters decide their precious fates each step of the way.

If you read the whole 311-word narrative, by the end, you get a good sense of the playful lens through which he views the world, from which spring these truly amazing landscapes, concepts and creations.

Yerka was born in 1952 to artistic parents and pursued the arts from a very young age. He tells in his artist’s biography how this lead to some social awkwardness, but that all changed when he started making funny cartoons on the biggest bullies. Yerka certainly has a developed sense of humor.

It shines through in some of his absurd creations. Strange creatures with many eyeballs, inanimate beach bodies and all kinds of goofy but thought-provoking imagery litter his archives. They all start off as drawings, and if they are approved by his loving family, they go on to become pastels, and finally dimensional acrylic paintings.

The landscapes of his youth set the scene for a large percentage of his works. You also get the sense that a lot of these paintings are just the manifestations of some crazy dream or idea, a captivating image or play on words he thought up while imagining, then put down onto canvas.

He often sells his work through his website, and exhibits throughout Europe and the United States. He does a lot of work with science fiction authors and was even commissioned to work on a science fiction film called “Strawyberry Fields,” inspired by his art and songs by the Beatles. We’re not sure what happened to that project, but we’d like to imagine it in our minds either way.

We think Jacek Yerka would be cool with that.

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