Miami Cinco de Massive: Nadastrom, Craze, Sabo and Pepe Billete at Grand Central

Miami Cinco de Massive: Nadastrom, Craze, Sabo and Pepe Billete at Grand Central

More than 200 years ago in 1862, a small town in Mexico achieved what seemed almost impossible. The underequipped army of 4,200 defeated the “strongest army of the world,” specifically 8,000 well-equipped Frenchmen. It wasn’t a very strategic victory, but that May 5th went on to symbolize freedom, democracy and little-guy-beats-big-butthead forever.

Well, until we forgot all that and turned Cinco de Mayo into a celebration of Tequila and other “non-strategic” decisions. Hey, any excuse to party, right?

Actually, Poplife and Grand Central are giving you boatloads of excuses to party this Cinco de Mayo. We’re celebrating freedom and democracy with a party so big, they had to name it Cinco de Massive.

It’s like your body is the Mexican army at Puebla, and the hard-line of bass enthusiasts are the invading French army! They’re going to pummel you with all they’ve got, and they’ve got a lot, but all you have to do is keep dancing until the morning sun! Er, actually 5 a.m., that’s when Grand Central closes.

Know your enemy: Poplife is armed with none other than moombahton founders and heavyweight champions of the world Nadastrom, three-time DMC world champion and Miami local-turned-international star DJ Craze, and the man Dave Nada credits as the inspiration for his sound, Sabo.

Poplife is also happy to announce their special guest! It’s raunchy puppet, Miami superstar and mega-bass head Pepe Billete! Shit just got sucia.

In even better news: We teamed up with the Poplife crew to give you TWO FREE TICKETS to the show! All you have to do is click attending on this facebook event, make-up a funny Luchador name for yourself (Mexican wrestlers, duh), and tell us about it in the comment section! Funniest and most clever Luchador alter-ego wins access to Cinco de Massive for them and a friend.

So what are you waiting for? ANDALE!

Buy tickets for $15 plus fees from

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