Moby & The Loops of Fury – Para EP [Lotus Recordings]

Moby & The Loops of Fury – Para EP [Lotus Recordings]

When Moby premiered the Potato Mix Series just a few weeks ago, he gave a lot of listeners a preview of “Para,” a collaborative track between him and The Loops of Fury.

Well, this nuke of a banger just dropped on Lotus Recordings.

“Para” infuses The Loops of Fury’s signature broken kicks and crazy synths with the energized mind of Moby, who just wants to make people fucking dance. The result is a mix of clean pianos, broken beats, fight-enducing synths and powerful builds.

And if a one-hit mega track wasn’t enough for a proper release, this release is actually an EP with three remixes. Both Mumbai Science and Sound of Stereo’s remixes are more about a constant flow of energy. Baskerville’s remix attains most of the energy of the original’s build, but gives it an unexpected flavor of, well, randomness (which is never a bad thing).

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