JP & KB’s Guide to Gettin’ Down at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2013

JP & KB’s Guide to Gettin’ Down at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2013


BUKU MUSIC + Arts Project 2013 will kick off March 8th at 4 p.m. EST… THAT’S ONLY 28 FUCKING HOURS AWAY, WHY AM I NOT ON BOURBON ST. YET?

Just kidding, we are. :P JUST ARRIVED, BITCHES.

The crew and I made landfall here this afternoon to explore one of the awesome spectacles of BUKU…


There’s all kind of music this weekend for you. Whether you’re down to get ratchet with some trap, chill out and smoke one to some chillin’ hip-hop or lose your mind in some of the funky jams out there, it’s all laid out, waiting to be served to your ear drums. If you are unfamiliar with some of the list, we have Seven acts to discover at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2013. What would you do without us? :D

We’re not in the middle of B.F.E. Tennessee, or in some random field, we’re in good ‘ole Nawleans, Louisiana, and the weather could not be any short of perfect!


So, before you get to the point where you’re in your hotel, looking at all the shit you packed and not knowing what the fuck to bring with you, don’t fret. We got chu son ;]

JP and KB’s Surviving BUKU MUSIC + ARTS PROJECT 2013!

What to wear:

Guys: Tanks are cool, if you’re tryin’ to bro out. But remember, it might get down to the mid 50′s on Friday, so that could cause some permanent diamond cutters that no one likes to experience. You don’t have to get fancy, you’re probably going to black out on Bourbon St. after anyway. So grab your favorite t-shirt, crew-neck sweater, beanie and jeans. It’s time to get rowdy and not give any fucks, nor shits for that matter.

Sunglasses? Optional. The show starts at 4 p.m., sunglasses at night was cool back in 2008.
…and it wasn’t really that cool, we just told you that it was.

Girls: Tutus are cool and everything… kidding. It’s not. You look like a child and I feel weird being in the same room as you, let alone two inches away. Just to remind you, it’s not a purely electronic festival. There’s a lot of indie, a poop-ton of hip-hop and oodles of bands. Put the PLUR costume away and just dress cute. Bust out the Black Milk Leggings, the high-waist jean shorts, a cute top, a crew neck sweater and top it off with some flat combat boots. Get ratchet girl, if you wid it, I’m wid it.

What to pack:

Depending on how big your crew is, someone always has to be the one with the bag. Draw some sticks, drink until someone passes out, I don’t care how you choose. But don’t be that group without a survival pack. It sucks and you look like fools.

Now, a lot of the personal things, such as numbers 6, 7 and 9, can be easily protected along with your phone in a fanny pack. I know some people aren’t into that, but I’ve used mine at every festival since Ultra ’10, and it has yet to do me dirty. Don’t be dancing and worrying about your stuff is going to fall out or don’t know where to put your glasses when you rage.

1. Standard backpack/chrome bag will suffice.

Since it doesn’t look like it’ll rain, it doesn’t matter if it’s water proof or not. Pack an extra shirt/hoodie [if you're not wearing a hoodie already]… You will get sweaty from raging your fucking faces off. Extra shirt at the end keeps you warm and not looking like a soggy bitch.

2. Mini flashlight.

It’ll get dark, and you will lose shit. Make sure to keep this on you so your phones and all your other shit doesn’t get lost with your mind.

3. Plastic Zip-Loc Bags.
Just in case it does rain and you’re not rockin’ a waterproof bag, throw your wallet and phone into these bad boys.

4. Sunglasses.

Duh. Spare shades are clutch as fuck, whether you lose yours in your stupor, or if a cute girl/guy forgot theirs, your welcome.

5. Spare boxers.

You never know what’s going to happen at the end of the night. If you stay out, at least your downstairs whathaveyou is feelin’ fresh, hold the sticky.

6. Gum.

After a long day of gettin’ schwilly, make sure your breath don’t stank.

7. Cigarettes.

For all you rolie-polie olies out there, you know you’re going to kill through these quickly, between yourself and sharing it with others. Good karma, have a back-up pack. But remember, no smoking is allowed inside the indoor facilities on the site.

8.Napkins/toilet paper.

If you need to pop a squat, don’t get mudbutt. And plus, you’ll save a girl’s life and probably get a bj in the port-o-potty. Not to say that happened.

9. Hand Sanitizer.

Don’t matter how hard you try, they will get dirty. Bring some sanitizer, fuck germs.

10. Band-aids.

I just slit my finger with a knife while procrastinating this post. We’re men, shit like this happens.

11. Eyedrops.
If you have contacts, I don’t need to tell you this. But, this will save your life if some dirt or grime gets in your eye. Grab some Rhotos, feel the burnnnnnnnnn.

12. Canteen/bottle of water/CamelBak.

STAY HYDRATED. You don’t want to pass out in NoLA, ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Bring your baba and as Sean T. would put it, LET’S GOOOOOOO!

…. jk. But really doe, come out and get down with the getdown!


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