Ed Banger 10 Year Anniversary Party: Recorded Sets

Ed Banger 10 Year Anniversary Party: Recorded Sets

Ed Banger Records celebrated its 10th anniversary two days ago with a massive party showcasing it’s best artists to 7,000 people in attendance.

True to their form of being downright awesome, they livestreamed the event on YouTube, giving the whole world a chance to join in on the fun. More than 1 million people tuned in to celebrate the iconic label’s decennial (that means 10 years, learn something).

A decade is a massive accomplishment, but this milestone came after long years of signing and supporting some of the dankest, darkest and daring acts in the world. From SebastiAn to Justice, Breakbot to Mr. Oizo, Ed Banger’s roster gives its fans everything from the funkiest of vibes to the hardest of electro.

Here’s some EBR history for ya.

EBR is the brain-child of Busy “cocksucker” P, aka Pedro Winter, aka Daft Punk’s manager until 2008. He heads up the house and brings the pain to the decks, always sure to sample a bit of everyone’s flavor and variety.

One of the things that made Ed Banger stand out from the beginning was its sick artistic edge. All those cool school-note doodles, ’80s metal designs and juicy lips? Those are the work of graphic design champion SoMe. He’s also working with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music these days. Fucking going places.

And if you’re new to the crew, you may ask yourself, who is this DJ Mehdi they’re “forever” honoring? Well, he was an amazing producer and DJ with a penchant for the hip-hop side of dirty French electro. He was a gem to catch in the act on the ones and twos, and most sadly, he was the victim of a tragic accident of fate in 2011. Not partying too hard, a chandelier fell on him. We’re all uber sadface to this day, so EBR honors his memory to keep his music alive.

All in all, EBR is Busy P, Mr Flash, Justice, Sebastian, Cassius, Krazy Baldhead, Mr Oizo, Feadz, Breakbot, Uffie, Mickey Moonlight, DSL, Riton, Boston Bun and Mehdi Forever. Guest artists include Vicarious Bliss, Zongamin, Laurent, Gariner and Cashmere Cat.

You’ve now been schooled. Check out all the awesome sets from the party. Rep Ed Banger till you die.

Ed Banger on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Download the sets/performances from the night here:

Boston Bun



DJ Mehdi Homage

Busy P


Sebastian, Kavinski & Jackson

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