Myd “Freak Andy” EP [Marble]

Myd “Freak Andy” EP [Marble]

Club Cheval’s Myd has a new super dank EP out on Marble.

Myd’s long-term ambition is to “build new standards for mainstream dance music.” Well, this new EP definitely pushes the envelope. This is a step in the right direction.

The title track of this release, “Freak Andy,” is sexy enough to make all the freaks let loose. It’s twangy melody and heavily auto-tuned vocals make this tune get stuck in your head almost too easily. “Same Old Brand New” feat. Bostun Bun slows the tempo down a bit and takes things toward the tech-y side. “Lambert Alert” finishes this release on a high-note with a crazy build full on snares and wobble-like sounds to your mind on a whirlwind.

Could this release be any catchier?

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Myd Freak Andy EP [Marble] – Beatport | iTunes

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