[Free Download] Raf Riley – Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!

[Free Download] Raf Riley – Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!

Meet Raf Riley, he’s here to deliver you from bro house.

Ever since I heard his original tune “King Henry’s Hustle” on Craze’s “Best Of 2013″ Mixtape, I knew I had to see what else Raf had up his sleeve. So far? You won’t be disappointed.

He just released his Now That’s What I Call Gangster Bass EP, which includes five menacing tunes.

The first track “Wunn!!” has a bit of a rock feel at the start, which flips into a downtempo jam accompanied by a smooth bassline. The other four tracks are nothing short of awesome, broken (because 4-to-the-floor isn’t everything) trap beats. “Super Raf” and “Gunshot” both have an evil, crazy feel with amazing sub bass.

“King Henry’s Hustle” is aptly named, as the horns used in the song reminds me of a king entering majestically, with bugle horns flaring as he makes his way to the throne. Lastly, “The Liquidator” has a very dubstep feel, mainly due to that hard (and sexy) snare on the third beat of every measure. Aside from that though, the tune is crazy in it’s own way, and eatures a fun uptempo breakdown which takes you back to those 4-to-the-floor beats for a bit.

Being the boss man that he is, he went ahead and made it a free download for everyone to enjoy!

Get your copy now (click the picture and the download will commence) and blast this thing in your car, while dropping your kids off at sunday school, you filthy animal.


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