Destructo Layed Down The Vibes At His & Hers

Destructo Layed Down The Vibes At His & Hers

The Garret, the upstairs party Loft of Grand Central, has become the home of a new weekly party on Saturdays brought to you by Poplife and Off The Radar. Dubbed “His & Hers,” this new night strives to be a destination where music lovers can discover new music. It’s meant as a welcome departure from the same-ol’ same-ol’ that has become an unfortunate norm.

Headlining this fifth installment of the party was HARD head-honcho Destructo. You know, the guy that throws Holy Ship!! and some of the best parties in America. Knowing him for both his banging and grooving tunes, I knew which to expect of him given the chill setting of the Garret.

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via Instagram @KaSaysKill

via Instagram @KaSaysKill

Resident DJs Ray Milian and Aramis Lorie opened up the night with various indie-style dance tunes. With free drinks from 11 p.m. to midnight, the venue was quickly getting packed. As the night progressed and the place got more and more crowded, the tunes gradually increased in energy.

Come 1:15 a.m., Destructo took over the decks. Going from the energy of tracks like “Solid Gold” by The Golden Filter that was played before he got on, Destructo took a much deeper route in his track selection.

via Instagram @GPSofficial

via Instagram @GPSofficial

Steering away from the shallow-end of house music, Destructo played Shadow Child’s “So High” and Hot Since 82′s “Knee Deep in Louise.” The crowd was vibing and the ocasional phone was whipped out to snap a picture of Destructo, who was alternating between a captain’s hat and a snapback with “#SHIPFAM” embroidered on it. It appeared other Holy Ship survivors (aside from ourselves) were among the crowd.

About an hour into his set, he got into the grittier side of tech-house and dropped Worthy’s immoratalized dancefloor-destroyer “Shy Look” (biased opinion, of course).

He finished off the last few minutes by playing a new track that had never been played before. The crowd absolutely loved it, to which Destructo stated “You guys are making my night. This is the first time I’ve played this song. You guys are digging it.”

He closed his set with “LA Funky” the aptly-titled, super-funky collaboration with Oliver. A very nice choice since the song features a gradual crowd cheer through it’s buildup, a sound mimicked by the mouths in front of him as they cheered on for his amazing, relaxing set.

This night was a perfect mix of the appropriate DJ for the setting. Hats off to Off The Radar and Poplife for putting together a stellar night!

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