Bright Eyes LED Glasses Block The Haters and Bring the Party

Bright Eyes LED Glasses Block The Haters and Bring the Party

Remember when shudder shade Kanye glasses were really cool? I’ve got a pair of glow-in-the-dark ones that I still can’t throw away. But those motherfuckers are nothing compared to these Bright Eyes LED glasses I found on Kickstarter.

These fashionable yet educational babies come fully equipped with 147 LEDs, but you’ve got to make ‘em go. That’s the fun part! The glasses entice you to brush up on basic programming skills while customizing and bringing your trendy Bright Eyes to life!

These bad boys now come with a built in microphone, so you can set up for shades to interact with sonic stimuli such as music or your own voice. And thanks to awesome people around the world, Bright Eyes reached their target funding goal, and you can snatch a pair!

Bright Eyes are the brain-child of Technology Will Save Us, “a haberdashery for technology and alternative education dedicated to helping people to produce & not just consume technology.” Basically, these cool-ass nerds are making learning fun and want to help you help yourself to be the coolest kid on the dance floor.

Technology Will Save Us don’t just make LED glasses, but also gadgets that encourage learning and growth in areas from sewing to gardening, DIY synth building and beyond. Check them out on facebook and twitter for more info, and don’t be scared of trying something new! It’s better for all of us to be better ourselves.

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