Atrasolis – Control Tower EP

Atrasolis – Control Tower EP

Breaker breaker, this is tight shit requesting clearance to land in your eardrums. #RogerThat

Our Miami-based homie Atrasolis is one fucking awesome dude. He’s always getting wasted with us, making us laugh, and most of all, making us dance!

He recently released this killer four-song EP for free download exclusively from our buddies at, and we are not kidding when we say you’ve got to cop it. Inspired by his 30,000 mile-high journeys, Control Tower takes the listener on a massive trip through highs, lows, clear skies, turbulence, new horizons, and definitely enough spacey textures to knock this one into orbit.

Check out the interview I did with him on the Miami New Times for a bit of background on the emerging artist, as well as his inspirations and vision for the local Miami scene. But either way, make sure you give this EP a listen and click the d/l link!

To the future!

Atrasolis on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

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