7 Acts to Discover at BUKU Music + Art Project

7 Acts to Discover at BUKU Music + Art Project

One of the best things about music festivals is discovering new artists, and things at this year’s second-annual BUKU Music + Art Project will be no different. Chances are, if you’re the digging kind of music fan, you’ll get out there early and hear something you’d never heard before, only to leave having found a new favorite.

Well, in case you’re not the most exploratory sonic traveler, we’re going to give you a break down of seven artists from the lower end of the line-up you would be remiss not to catch. We know, we’re awesome, and so are these guys!

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Christoph Andersson
This neo-disco, funky motherfucker is a New Orleans home-grown hero. Andersson has a fresh style and a bright sound sure to get you dancing. At times, it reminds of our Florida friends Pop Glow, but with its own unique flair. Check out the tracks “Tuxedo” and “Capital,” though the above “Metropol” is our new favorite song of the incoming summer.

Christoph Andersson on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

If you’re up on your cool-kid jams, you may well be familiar with this chill LA-bred producer. The young gunner has been getting a lot of attention for his downtempo, relaxing sound, and we’re super stoked to catch him in action. Also listen to tracks “Places” and “Hot Boxing the Cockpit,” but most importantly, don’t miss him.

Shlohmo on facebook and twitter.

Ryan Hemsworth
Keeping the downtempo movement going, allow us to introduce you to Ryan Hemsworth. You know who likes his music? Brodinski. Don’t you like Brodinski? We do, and we can’t wait to catch this guy making his smooth and jocky beats up on the BUKU stage. Get close with a loved one and smile while you let your mind drift in its beauty. Listen to “Charly Wingate” and “Cold & Tempted” to get pumped up.

Ryan Hemsworth on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

Ricky B
NOLA Bounce is world famous now that Diplo blew the head off the motherfucker, and you should already know about Big Freedia and the rest. But take some time to check out classic bro Ricky B, he really knows how to get the kids shaking their junk. His music is like a warm summer day. He’ll be getting down on his home turf, and you should shake it for your motherfuckin’ hood if it’s all good. Check out “Y’all Holla” and “Who Got That Fire.”

Ricky B on facebook and twitter.

Gravity A
Are you a jam fan? Looking for some sick grooves with a lot of walking bass rhythm? Look no further than New Orleans natives Gravity A! They were at Hangout Music Festival along with ourselves, and we know they’re going to bring it extra hard for the BUKU crowd. Get ready to get trippy mane! Check out some of their other performance videos from their YouTube to get in the mood.

Gravity A on facebook and twitter.

MOAR CHILLDOWN SEXGROOVESTEP PLS. You have got to check out Detroit musician JMSN. He’s going to kill you softly with his song. This is raw emotion people, and we can’t get enough of it. It’s like, this love is going to be the end of us, but we’ll walk right into it again and again. Can’t wait. Listen to “Jameson” and “Something,” and just try not to fall in love.

JMSN on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

Kid Kamillion
Yo, but you know we have to give it up to some trappin’ fools before we let you go. This banging fool is the last New Orleans native comin’ at you to round out our stellar list. He is most definitely going to get the party jumping with his fat bass shenanigans, and we hope to see you along side us shaking your dreads. Get hyphy to his remix of “Heads Will Roll” and “Too Many Cooks.”

Kid Kamillion on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

Oh, and in case you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

See you there, freaks.

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