Sazon Booya – Oye Mami EP [Free Download]

Sazon Booya – Oye Mami EP [Free Download]

Sazon Booya has been one of the leading figures in the Moombahton community over the past few years. They have helped take the “accidental” genre and give it it’s own feel and sound. Sazon Booya first caught my attention when I heard there track “Major Booyahton,” which they made with Mad Major Melvin, on Nadastrom and Sabo’s Hard Miami Moombahton Massive Mix last year.

After almost a year of waiting, they have finally bestowed “Major Booyathon,” on us, along with three other originals, on their Oye Mami EP.

The title track, “Oye Mami,” has the fatest drums of all four tracks, sending low frequencies tingling down your body. “El Pollo” is definitely the most latin of them all, with vocals telling you to “prepare for the chicken” in Spanish and the inclusion of various latin instruments and sounds to give it a nice Salsa feel. “Un Aplaudo De Mano,” Ft Valentino Khan & DJ Comrade, has a more twisted tone that’s basically designed to make you shake your ass. Lastly is my favorite track of the EP, “Major Booyathon.” It sounds like the result of dutch house-style synths being mixed in with broken, sexy drums that make you want to flail your arms like the inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

Check out the EP down below, and get a copy too, because it’s free!

Sazon Booya on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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