GPS’ Top 5 Tunes For November 2012

GPS’ Top 5 Tunes For November 2012

This year is just going by way to fast. I was trick-or-treating one moment and the next thing I know I’m stuffing myself at Thanksgiving dinner. Well, thankfully, I got my ears stuffed just as much as my stomach this month. I got some trap, techno, four-to-the-floor and more in this top 5.

Skitzofrenix – Respek Di Woman [Beatport]

Skitzofrenix made a super sexy four-to-the-floor tune with nice, catchy vocals. The drum work seems a tad in-your-face, and I like that.

Peaches – Burst! (Bart B More Remix) [Beatport]

Mr. B More remixed Peaches “Burst” into this acidic banger with a touch of groove int he beginning. Totally designated for energizing the crowd.

Team Jaguar – On It [Free Download]

My favorite Tally cats Team Jaguar released their first trap original for free a few weeks back. They dropped this bad boy at the local Neon Liger Dance Party (Gainesville, FL) and the crowd ate it up.

Seven Lions – Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover) [Vote for their remix!]

One thing Coyote Kisses always excels in is musicality. This time they gave a touch up to Seven Lion’s “Days To Come” for the remix contest. This new style for Coyote Kisses is “a hybrid between live electric guitars, drums and their patented synthy craziness.”

Casino Gold – Ricochet [Beatport]

Casino Gold’s new release is nothing short of a banger. On top of the awesome vibe their tunes always have, this one has a vocal sample that just ties the whole song together, not to mention a winding build that will take any listener to the next level.

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