Brent Sanders’ Technicolor Landscapes

Brent Sanders

Brent Sanders

Chattanooga is a pretty happening place. My mom moved there a few years ago, and I’m always impressed with the highly progressive, artistic culture of the place. There’s so much music, color, life in those streets, and you would probably never guess it if you’re not from Tennessee.

There’s a bustling lil art community sprouting from the once-smoggy valley. Many local artists bring the landscape to life with their various interpretations, but none are quite so colorful as local-boy Brent Sanders.

With a technicolor palette and a barely-there tie to realism, Sanders creates whimsical, cartoony city-scapes of his hometown, as well as other famous skylines and street corners. His inspirations? “Fauvism, Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, German Expressionist, Peter Max, Philip Burke,” etc.

Learn more about Sanders’ work and order some for your art-loving friends, or that spot above your mantelpiece sofa that could use some sprucing up. ‘Tis the season to support local artists and bear awesome, high-def gifts!

Check him out at his website and on facebook!

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