Rusko, Gemini And Nadastrom Deliver High Dose of Bass to Club Cinema

Rusko, Gemini And Nadastrom Deliver High Dose of Bass to Club Cinema

Between the massive amount of food consumed Thanksgiving and the loads of leftovers Friday, one could say a workout was in order. Fortunately for those of us in South Florida, dubstep dynamo Rusko was more than ready to make the people sweat at Club Cinema with the help of Gemini, Nadstrom and more.

We arrived at about 11 p.m. to witness Khaos playing some body-pounding bass to an already full dancefloor. Dropping tunes like Kickshifta’s “Gangsta Shit” and other hood classics, certified or not, he sent the crowd into a serious frenzy.

In no time, the sea of ravers was warmed up and ready for moombahton pioneers Nadastrom to take the decks. The crowd was definitely in for a treat, as it isn’t every day that Matt Nordstrom and Dave Nada perform together. Hell, I’ve been waiting years for this kind of treat, and thank god you can believe the hype.

Slowing things down to the tempo of that sexy, ass-shakin’ moombahton, they started their set with Nadastrom original “i!!” It makes for a classic moombahton opening track, and for a duo where one member actually invented the genre (by accident, no less) it was the perfect way to set it off.

They continued to pound the crowd with tracks such as Diplo’s “Express Yourself,” Billy the Gent and Long Jawns’ “Vibrate,” and Alvin Risk’s “Survival feat. Sirah.” They spent their set tag-teaming behind the decks, with Dave’s trademark long hair going all over the place from start to finish. Midway through, they played JWLS’ “Bashin’,” a personal favorite of there’s and a shout-out to the local Miami star in attendance.

It seems the crowd wasn’t expecting the tempo to suddenly increase and the sub bass to kick into overdrive as Nadastrom started playing trap by mixing in the genre remix of “Bashin’.” From then on, it was straight sub bass and even some wobbles. My favorite part was hearing them play 12th Planet and Flinch’s remix of Dave Nada’s “Apocalypse Theme,” a 2009 tune I thought I’d never hear live. They definitely played my favorite set of the night.

Gemini went on right after and changed the tone up a bit. Mainly knows for his dubstep tunes, it was pleasantly different to see him start things off with hard electro-house. The Englishman started things hard with a barrage of bangers, including Porter Robinson’s electro-bootleg of “Bass Canon,” Sandro Silva & Quintino’s immediately recognizable “Epic,” and his own original “Fire Inside.” By this time, the whole club seemed to have reached capacity, as the second floor was full of people raging to the fullest.

Of course he wasn’t gonna finish his set and leave out the serious bass. Much like Nadastrom before him, he spent the second half of his set speeding up the tempo to broken, bass-riddled beats. Jamming as hard as the countless of fans in front of him, Gemini attacked with an arsenal of bass tunes, including Alvin Risk’s remix of “Eyes,” Skrillex’s collaboration with The Doors “Breakin’ A Sweat,” and a trap remix of The Bloody Beetroots’ infamous “Warp.”

Once his set was over, it was time for the main act and second Englishman of the night to take control.

Rocking his recognizable mohawk, the crowd erupted in cheers as he got on stage and started his set. Seeing how hard the previous acts before him rocked the crowd, I was curious to see how the revelers would hold up for the headliner. That curiosity turned into a not-so-surprising sight of over 2,000 people raging extremely joyously to Rusko’s set.

And it looked like Rusko himself was having a blast. He seemed to match all their raging with jumping and head-banging of his own. A DJ connecting with the crowd like this is always a sure way to make a performance memorable.

He started his set with some  dank trap, but quickly upped the energy with plenty of his own work, including “Woo Boost,” his “Pro Nails” remix, “Everyday” and his always chilling “Hold On.” Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Rusko set without him playing Sub Focus’s remix of “Hold On,” which re-energized the crowd, and Netsky’s drum & bass remix of “Everyday.”

He surprised the crowd towards the end of his set when randomly slowed one of the CDJs to a stop and started playing DMX’s “Party Up.” And then even more surprisingly  he dashed away. Some people in the crowd didn’t seem to be okay with his just finishing and leaving, as a good four or five hopeful fans hopped on stage, trying to get a high-five or touch of the sweaty Englishman, but they were swept away almost as fast as the DJ himself.

Once the main man of the night was done, South Florida local Chris E closed off the night and kept the energy up for those daring souls who still had it in them to party after what just happened over the past few hours.

Saturday night gave South Florida a healthy dose of much needed bass, as well as a prime treat to one of the most legitimate moombahton sets possible by Nadastrom. But the crowd left looking like they wanted more. Luckily, the company that put the show together (Committee Entertainment) already has south Florida set up for its next bass treatment: they are bringing Excision, Vaski and Paper Diamond to South Florida March 2nd. Keep your eyes peeled bass heads, tickets go on sale in a few days!

PS: Oh, and did I mention Rusko seems to have performed his entire set with his shoes off behind the booth? That’s ratchet.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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