DIY Shrinky Dink Jewelry

DIY Shrinky Dink Jewelry

Shrinky Dinks: Not just a game for a Saturday night after too much whiskey!

I’ve seen Shrinky Dink jewelry around here and there, and being the trendy bitch I am, I had to have them!

Knowing the street cred is in making them yourself, I decided to do that, too. This little tutorial will help you trail-blaze your way into the exciting world of Shrinky Dink jewelry-making, and totally make that other bitch jealous with your crafty credibility.

Materials Needed
Shrinky Dink Paper (or kit)
Colored Pencils
Wine (red or white or both!)
Inspiration (books, magazines for tracing or artistic talent if you’re a show-off)
Scratch paper (or manila folders)

For the jewelry:
Hole Punch
Bandage clips or needle nose pliers

Step 1: Buy some shit
I decided to take the easy way out on this one and get a kit. This was a terrible idea. The upside is that it came with instructions and a hole punch. The down side is that it comes with four of the tiniest sheets of paper ever.

Go to a craft store and buy the legit sheets of paper and a hole punch. You have to buy the jewelry components separately anyway, and with this handy guide, you don’t need instructions!

Step 2: Invite a friend
This is a craft better done with another person who can help you bounce ideas around and laugh at your lack of artistic ability. This step is also helpful if you can’t find your goddamn corkscrew. Just ask them to bring one!

Step 3: Get Inspired & Draw (trace) 
The paper has a rough and a smooth side. According to the kit, you should stick to the rough side, but rumor has it either side works. Stick your paper over the design you wish to copy and get to tracing! Shout out to Menace Beach and the Boys of Team Jaguar for providing great inspiration!

TIP: If you’re writing words, practice on some of that scrap paper we talked about.

Step 4: Repeat
Keep on drawing, there’s plenty of room in the oven for lots of dinks. I decided to step it up a notch and make an anatomical foot.

Step 5: Doubt
At this point, you may be hitting that part of the wine drinking experience that makes you seriously doubt the wearability of whateverthefuck you just created. I say drink til it looks nice!

Step 6: No Dilly-Dali-ing
This is more of an aside, but just in case you see anything severely phallic, fix it now. In my case the middle toe was just itching to be on the cover of The Little Mermaid.

Step 7: Prince Albert
Time to punch some holes in the Shrinky Dinks! Keep them well-spaced and practice before or else the first attempt looks like a drive-by shooting.

Step 8: Hot & Heavy Dancing
Set your oven to 350 degrees. Wrap a pan in tin foil. Lay out the dinks.

It only takes about three minutes for them to properly shrink. You’re gonna wanna watch this part. They get all melty and skewed. They dance around the tray, and if you’ve followed my advice about the wine, this step is awesome.

Step 10: Cool
Let them cool. Sometimes they don’t remain flat. If so, immediately put the dink between some foil and stick it in a heavy book. Now you’ve got some Shrinky Dinks. This tutorial will follow up with how to make a necklace out of them, but use these bad boys for magnets or whatever you can dream up!

Jewelry Making

Step 1: Hoops
The dinks cool surprisingly fast. Have the jewelry supplies ready. Using your pliers or bandage clips (don’t judge), open your hoops and put them through the holes you punched earlier.

Step 2: Make That Booty Clasp
I used one long chain. To shorten it, just remove a link from the chain. To attach the clasp, use the bandage-clips to open the end of the clasp and put your shortened chain link in, then pinch it shut.

Step 3: Done with this shit
Slide the chain through the hoops and voila! You’ve got a beautiful new necklace.

Follow-up Tip: The finished product looks much better smooth-side out. Write words backwards so the final image looks clearer when you wear it. Enjoy the fuck out of your new, unique creation!


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