Mumbai Science: Unite EP

Mumbai Science: Unite EP

Techno, techno, techno. That’s something I’m always about and something Belgian duo Mumbai Science always delivers. They have a certain style to their sound and overall track structure, but I always feel as though each new track carries a totally different vibe. Their new release “Unite” is no exception. Out today on Lektroluv Records, it includes the original, a remix by Shinichi Osawa and Alex Gopher‘s remix of “Lotus,” an older Mumbai Science tune.

Mumbai Science – Unite EP [Beatport]

The original features a long segment of a repetitive bassline, followed by a an interesting breakdown and build (a technique we see in many of their tracks). The Shinichi Osawa remix features a much more energetic feel with staccato notes and a touch of ’90s-era rave. The second breakdown and build is pure sex. Alex Gopher’s remix of the classic “Lotus” seems to retain all the great sounds of the original, but retouched so that it has a really fun feel.

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