Kon Krajangsiwalai: Konokon


Instagram is a great cultural tool – if you know how to use it.

Sure, you can scoff that it’s all pictures of food, girls and cute lil animals, but that’s just the people who don’t know what they’ve got at their disposal. My instagram feed is full of images from people I don’t know from all corners of the world. Some specialize in fashion, some photography, others digital arts.

Konokon is one such artist I follow. Simply searching around aimlessly, I discovered his clean, surrealist images and immediately fell in love.

Hailing from Bangkok, this insta-artist runs through a variety of styles and themes. Currently, he’s doing a series of airbrush portraits that are quite beautiful, but it’s this strange set of object-headed individuals that really catches my eye and tickles my weird-bone. They have a classic look about them, merged with a kind of “futuristic” absurdity. We are our gadgets in some respects.

Plus, the Daft Punk helmet kids are sweet as fuck.

Follow @konokon right-the-fuck-now and enjoy!


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