Happy Halloween: Damn EDM, You Scary

Figure Happy Halloween

Boo, paint huffers. BBoooooOOOooOOooOooooo…o.

Yeah, it’s the best holiday season ever, and we’re all getting mad spooky here at FWP – but we’re not the only ones.

Some of the hottest producers in EDM have been busy boil and bubbling over some down-right scary jams, just for you treaty dance floor tricks.

Fortunately, we don’t like hogging all the ear-candy to ourselves. You know us. So fucking sweet.

Our first treat is one of the most recent. A new joint from Miami’s own Craze and Bro Safari called “Spooked.” It’s a trick-or-trap!

Next up, we have the king of free downloads, Pretty Lights. This is one helluva journey through scary-ass soundtracks. It’s also very traditionally spooky. Put this on for the trick-or-treaters. Sure beats the pants off that Monster Mash and Scary Sounds CD you’ve got in your closet, right?

Another great twist on a classic. Get into the groove with this mega-dope bootleg of everyone’s favorite red-headed little fuck-face. With banging drums and the ghostly melody, this shit rides, fer real.

And here’s a giant three-hour sack of goodies from the Mad Decent man, a spooktacular edition of dat Diploe and Friends, one of the best programs on fuckin’ BBC Radio One. Two hours of head honcho going fuckin’ in on some themed-out chunes, with a delightful aftertaste from New York’s SYSTEM D-128. Free download.

But for our last trick, the most gigantic treat of all, a bajillion free Halloween-inspired tracks from Figure. Bro goes hard. Go in with him.

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