Flosstradamus And DJ Sliink Trap Grand Central

Flosstradamus And DJ Sliink Trap Grand Central

Friday night got us super wet and sticky at Grand Central, which is fine, of course.

I arrived at the show a little after 11 and saw Grand Central resident Mike Deuce open up the night. Considering he was opening for two acts who were going to play all sorts of broken bass tunes, his two-and-a-half hour opening set had to be pretty awesomely energetic.

And holy crap did he succeed. The man knows how to pick tunes, dropping Clockwork’s “Squad Up” as I walked in and Joe Maz’s massive remix of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” later on. He was definitely showing JWLS from GTA some serious love, dropping a number of his tunes, including his “Selekta” and “Hooked” remixes, as well as a trap remix of his moombahton monster “Bashin.”

I walked out to the back patio for a bit to take a break and noticed the will-call line was pretty long (some 50 or so people). Damn if it didn’t stay that long for the next two hours. I was later told organizers sold some 700+ presales, so I knew it was only the beginning.

Towards the end of Mike Deuce’s set at 12:30, the crowd was all sweaty and ready for a few hours of straight bass. DJ Sliink got on stage and started his set off with Dom Kennedy’s “My Type of Party.” He dropped his original “Vibrate” shortly after, gave it a nice rewind, and told the crowd to “put their phones up in the air on vibrate.” The crowd was going crazy, and it was becoming a tad too much for me too handle, but it was really fun. My favorite tracks from his set were Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” and UZ’s “Trap Shit V7,” making it an overall extremely energetic and tiring set.

Flosstradamus took the stage in what seemed to be their same attire as their last show here: jeans and jackets (pretty sure one was a hoodie). How they were not insanely hot and uncomfortable in what may as well have been a sauna is beyond me. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Grand Central this crowded. It seems like the recent trap surge is being well accepted by the South Florida crowd.

They dropped nearly every original trap tune they’ve ever released, including “Hood Fantasy” and “From The Back.” The Chicago duo didn’t take the energy down from where Sliink left off by even an inch. I was amazed at how the crowd continued to thrash after the hours of heat and banging beats. I could see many people on each other’s shoulders and standing on every raised surface the club had to offer. Chances are, someone left the place with an accidental black eye.

They continued their relentless rampage of tracks, playing songs like 2 Chainz and Drake’s “No Lie,” RL Grime’s “Trap On Acid,” and Carnage Festival’s Trap Remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman.” They even played some songs off their new EP like “Deaf,” a simple song with never enough sub bass and a simple creepy vocal. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Flosstradamus set without them playing one of the songs that got them on the spotlight” their remix of “Original Don.” My favorite track off their set, and of the night, was their twisted original “Mota.”

They ended their set after about an hour and a half, but the crowd wasn’t satisfied. They stood chanting and cheering until the boys came back out, finishing with a one-song encore, dropping “Drak Knight.” Off the newest free EP, the song has recently caused controversy since it notably samples Headhunterz’s “Fear of Darkness.” All that aside though, the crowd was a massive mess in the craziest and grimiest way. I know I had to take a couple showers myself.

But damn did it feel good.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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