BS1 Talks About Their New EP And Fighting A Horse-Sized Duck

BS1 Talks About Their New EP And Fighting A Horse-Sized Duck

Currently one of my favorite producers, BS1 makes tunes that I like to describe as a combination of techno and absolute unexpectedness. Of course, doing the unexpected is what it takes these days to make a name for yourself. BS1 broke into my radar late last year with their debut EP “Be As One” and, just yesterday, released their second EP on Boys Noize’s label BNR Trax titled “Rust.” I got the chance to ask them a few questions, mainly regarding their new EP.

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GPS: How would you say this new EP “Rust” differ from your debut (Be As One)?

Rust is certainly more experimental. It sounds weird and raw. We took our sound beyond limits, kind of a “Be As One” evolution, somehow.

It simply came out as it is, without thinking too much, but letting ideas flowing in a totally natural way.

We think the “fun factor” is a constant that should never be missed when you make music. We are very happy and proud to receive such great feedback, and this gives us a reason to continue something which was born without reason … does it make any sense?

The exclusive mix you did for Boris Dlugosch’s radio show gave a lot of people the first taste of what a BS1 DJ set is like. What do you think differentiates BS1 the producers from BS1 the DJs? Is the overall sound heard in each environment similar or different?

Well, we actually think mixtapes are kind of a different thing compared to dj-sets, you got more freedom that lets you go through various genres and styles. For how we see it, mixtapes are more on the producer’s side. By the way, to answer your question, there’s not much difference between us like producers and us like DJs. We just want to bring our music to people and make them feel happy and dance, how it was meant to be. So that’s why we play a lot of our own productions but also (of course) some past and present tracks we simply love.

…we just want to bring our music to people and make them feel happy and dance, how it was meant to be.” -Bs1


You have previously stated your inspirations on an interview on Boys Noize’s blog. Do you plan on branding a sound to BS1 based off those inspirations and the music you have already made? Or do you plan on experimenting with different sounds that might veer away from your current sound?

Both actually: Our sounds based on our inspirations + experimenting new sounds. It’s basically the same thing. We don’t like to plan. Planning means thinking too much and music is expression, instinct. You feel it, you don’t plan it. We are opened to any kind of inspirations, it is all around us, we are inspiration. So we make what we feel and, of course, we are always receptive to any kind of news and experimentation.

Is there any particular venue or event you hope to one day play?

Oh well, that’s not easy, we’d like to play everywhere, haha! To name but a few: Womb in Tokyo, Fabric in London, Watergate in Berlin or Webster Hall in New York. We don’t really know. We’d love to go to Australia and North America, because we’ve never been there. Also, some festivals like Sonar, Glastonbury, Pukkelpop or I Love Techno are amazing.


What is your current production setup like?

We use both Logic and Ableton. We got some hardware stuff we like (Roland JP 8080, Access Virus B, Microkorg, Boss SP-303) but mostly (and in all honesty) we love playing and mess around with audio files. You can do whatever you want. A snare sound, for example, can become a totally different sound. Sometimes all you need is a good idea in your head, a software and a mouse.

If you were stuck on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

We could easily do without anything but if we got to choose: a laptop with a solar charger, two headphones and an acoustic guitar. It’s more than three things now right?

Would you rather fight a thousand duck-sized horses? Or one horse-sized duck?

A Horse-Sized Duck

Damn this is weird… a one horse-sized duck for sure! We could start attacking its foot, then its wings, trying to keep its killer beak away, somehow. Or we could try and hypnotize it with some stupid movements.


What was the idea and inspiration behind each of the new songs of the upcoming EP?

Gold Rush: It’s a negative statement regarding the modern society based on materialism: The gold rush, the black gold rush. Money is our god and we are like slaves depending on it.

The Need: The need to feed yourself and others, feed with food and feed with love. It’s a primary need that shouldn’t be denied to anyone.

Rust: It’s inspired by the Helen Hayes’ quote that says “If you rest, you rust”. It’s a hymn to movement, a hymn to escape from mind illusions to avoid to rust yourself.

On a post on your fan page dated July 22, you stated there will be two new EPs because you had made eight new tracks. Seeing that “Rust” is, more than likely, one of those two, is there anything you may tell us about the second one?

Yes, we have quite a few tracks sleeping on our computers. Some of them are ready, some almost. The next EP will probably and realistically be out early next year. It’ll be different from the first and the second one, because it’s good to change. That’s all we can say for now.

Be sure to check out their latest EP “Rust” out now on Beatport!
GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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