Bermuda Dream: Vintage Revamped for Street Witches and their Cosmic Kitties

Bermuda Dream: Vintage Revamped for Street Witches and their Cosmic Kitties

Bermuda DreamTired of seeing the same trendy threads everywhere you go? Sick of feeding the corporate designer demons? Refuse to accept that affordable means cheap and throw-away?

Yeah, these beautiful witchy poos were, too, so they started their own damn online fashion enterprise, and they are straight killing it!

Enter Yin and Yang, Janice Erlacher and Megan Caprice, of Bermuda Dream. They were just a couple of cat-loving college girls when they first met in Gainesville, Fla. Now, they’re inspiring fashionistas on a mission to bring you unique, edgy vintage looks and accessories at a price you can live with.

“We like to keep it classy with an edgy twist, selling pieces that inspire people to be creative, to stand out,” said Erlacher, who now lives in Los Angeles, collecting one-of-a-kind pieces to customize and offer up on the Bermuda Dream etsy store. Her partner Caprice holds down the fort in their hometown, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision to take their love of fashion to the next level.

“Starting BD has opened my eyes to all the talented people who operate their own shops, design their own clothing and jewelry, and do it sometimes on their own,” Caprice said. “We would hope that the experience in shopping with us allow women to play dress up again, to redefine their style and essentially rewire how you think to shop in the first place.”

So, what is the BD aesthetic all about?

“Amongst crystals, cats and the cosmos, Megan and I share an innate love for making statements and all things aesthetically pleasing,” Erlacher said. “We love thick chains and gaudy jewelry, especially when paired with natural materials like bones and stones. We love Southwest vibes, geometric shapes, hard angles and sharp contrast. We also adore flowing fabrics and abstract patterns. It’s that YIN and YANG. And there’s always room for a little glamour and sophistication!”

The girls have worked through blood, sweat and tears over the past two years to bring these aesthetics to life, and the response has been more than rewarding. They’re doing what they love, and they love what they’re doing, but it takes the love and support of progressive trend-setters like you to keep the Bermuda Dream alive.

They’re always showing their customer appreciation by offering fun giveaways and sale codes. You can enjoy 10 percent off right now by entering the spooktacular password MONSTERMASH. So basically, you have no reason not to get on there and get to clicking.

Take control of your clothes and be a part of the movement.

“I feel a shift in fashion. People are realizing there aren’t any rules,” Caprice said. “Everyone is dying their hair, people are more aware of sneaky corporations, disposable shitty clothing and want something more personal. Statement fashion is that. It’s your personal statement.”

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