Antler Bling: Accessories by Emily Newman

Emily Newman Antler Accessories
Emily Newman Antler Accessories

Gainesville is no stranger to creative types, and one of my favorite local artists is Emily Newman. Using old deer antlers, cruelty-free of course, Newman makes some pretty radical statement necklaces.

Her collection of hand-made antler pendants is simple yet unique, drawing inspiration from the natural material.

[box]“Wearing antler bling around your neck is statement enough in itself,” Newman said. Her pieces vary from elegant single tipped antlers to gangsta gold two tipped antler pendants.[/box]

As for how to wear these pieces, you can keep it primal by pairing a neutral toned antler with a simple day look to be tres bohemian. Or vamp up an all black antler with a sexy black dress for a nice contrast in textures and an interesting ice-breaker.

Don’t worry trend-setters. You can keep a piece of mind knowing your one of a kind treasure won’t be mass-produced anytime soon.

“Spending the time on each piece and working with my hands to make it perfect makes me feel really accomplished it’s finally done.”

As for the future of the her pieces, Newman is always looking for new ways to make the goods.

“I like the process of gettin’ down with power tools and figuring out new ways to drill and string the antlers.” Keep an eye out for some revolutionary new antler bling!

Wearing these eye-catching pieces does come with a warning, hoever.

“You have to be prepared to have strangers come up to you and ask about what the necklace is made from. “Is that a tooth?! A claw?!’”

If you think you can handle the attention you can pick her pieces up via her conspiratorially named etsy shop, or, if you’re a Gainesville resident, the good old fashioned way by swinging into Persona located in downtown.


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