Rob De Large: CrW / Werk EP And Music Video

Rob De Large: CrW / Werk EP And Music Video


Update 9/25: Grab this EP on Beatport!

Following his debut EP “Anger,” Rob De Large is back with another dark and spooky release. The “CrW/Werk” EP contains self-titled originals and seven remixes from Casino Gold, Dunkinz, Nadisko, Analphabeth, aUtOdiDakt, Bobble and The Rox. I got the chance to chat with him in regards to this new release, as well as the music video.

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GPS: What was the thought process behind making Crw and Crew?

Rob: I wanted to get my current situations out in my music. CrW was made while I was living in Paris and spent a lot of time drinking red wine at cemeteries to get inspiration from the old legends, such as Jim Morrison, Chopin and Oscar Wilde. During this time, I ended up sharing a lot of time with the crows of the different cemeteries, and I felt a connection to them. We were the only living creatures seeking ourselves to this place for the dead souls. Strangely enough, this is where I feel I get the best inspiration to write. So CrW is a tribute to all the crows of Paris.

With WERK, I wanted to get my pain out in a mechanical track. (It’s) monotonous – and extremely mechanic, since it was made during a time of my life when I lived in Amsterdam, and worked just like I am now 24/7.  And I got extreme shooting pains all over my body, but still had to keep grinding on my tracks, also very monotonous and mechanic. The name WERK is referred to the swedish word “VÄRK” which means pain – and I just wanted a more global way of writing it down in letters.

How would you say this compares to your previous EP, “Anger?”

In comparison to the Anger release, which was my first release, this is more bass driven and energetic. And I wanted to show that my sound is wide but can still have my dark vibe to it no matter the genre or BPM. This EP is actually really old and might not be up to date with my current sound. But the remixers took a lot of time, and since there were so many, it took a really long time to get it out on the right label.

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How do you feel about working with Traktor Records for this release?

I chose Traktor since I was really happy with their release of Volatiles EP Ghola and considered it an honor to follow up after Volatiles release. I also have a great deal of respect for the label owner Andres Klein, a.k.a Autodidakt, who also ended up making a spectacular remix for the EP. With Andres and Traktor I get proper PR and a professional approach to the release and my music.

Tell us about the music video for this EP. How did it come about?

The video was created to match the sounds on the streets of Paris, with a strong influence from Gaspar Noés film “ENTER THE VOID”.

What can we be expecting from you in the future?

Well, as of now I have nine remixes two collaborations and one EP of my own to complete. All under tight deadlines. So I am going to move back to L.A for the winter to get in the studio for some new grinding and catch some sun and get more energized. In Sweden, we tend to get 90 percent darkness and sometimes 30 degrees below celsius. It’s hard to produce and not get a depression whilst living in these conditions.

I am glad to say that these upcoming releases will be for labels I really admire and never dreamt of releasing on when I first started producing. I can’t drop any names, but I can say they are known globally which also helps motivate me to do the thing I love the most. Be creative and free while doing this. No boss, no time, no obligations. Just hard work and dedication. Besides that, I will get to do some shows around the states and meet with some artists I truly respect such as roeVy, Casino Gold, PILO, Dr.Bread, Craig Williams, Brthr Beat, Druid Cloak and a few more of my friends.

Always great to hear from you Rob.

And as always, be sure to check out Rob De LArge on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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