The Poseidon Tour Featuring Porter Robinson And Zedd: Gainesville

The Poseidon Tour Featuring Porter Robinson And Zedd: Gainesville

The week was not even halfway through before hundreds of people could not wait to start partying, even though they should seemed exhausted from Life In Color (Dayglow) the friday before. Last Tuesday, The Dynasty Group and Committee Entertainment brought The Poseidon Tour, featuring Porter Robinson and Zedd (with support from Nick Thayer), to Gainesville at The Vault.

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I arrived midway through Adrian Villaverde’s opening set, who provided the crowd with techy and progressive jams to warm up the night. By the time he was done at 11 p.m., a sizable crowd had amassed and Nick Thayer took the stage.

He made no effort in holding back and played non stop, energetic bangers. He quickly amped it up and played some dubstep and trap, making the crowd go bonkers, and then slowed it down to some moombahton. Once he went back to some electro, he dropped Deadmau5′s classic “Ghosts n’ Stuff,” which I found cool and all, but not as cool as when he mixed in Sub Focus’s Drum & Bass remix of it. Taking the tempo up that early was interesting, as the headliners haven’t even gone on, but the crowd was loving it. Overall it was my favorite set of the night.

Come midnight, Porter and Zedd got on stage and the crowd was cheering uncontrollably. After a few moments of setting up, the duo went in hard. Their set was straight hard electro, including many of their own tracks such as Porter’s “Say My Name” and Zedd’s remix of “Breakn’ A Sweat.” They also dropped Wolfgang Gartner’s new banger “Nuke,” which was perfect for the crowd they were playing for. I loved how they played Noisia’s remix of “Nobody Gets Out Alive,” a personal favorite of mine.

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45 minutes into their set they went into playing Kanye West’s “Mercy,” further showing me that trap music is not going anywhere any time soon. Bunded with some dubstep, the following few tracks of their set was full of broken beats, wobbles and basslines. They eventually slowed things back down and Zedd played “Clarity,” the progressive title track off his upcoming album, which comes out next week. The rest of their set saw some moombahton, more bangers, and some interesting mashups (one track had a vocal sample fromt he internet-famous “Gangman Style” song). My favorite part was when they played Gesaffelstein’s “Control Movement,” a dark banger that changed up the vibe into a very dark, techno feel.

Among all the bangers they played, Porter took a moment to get on the mic to mention how much he loves playing in Gainesville, as his last how here was one of his al time favorites, and that his manager and lighting guy are both Gator graduates.

They ended their set with Porter’s progressive hit “Language,” a nice way to end the night as the crowd looked like they had just gone through an intense workout.

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