GPS’ Top 5 Tunes Of September 2012

GPS’ Top 5 Tunes Of September 2012

This month’s roundup consist of many techy and funky jams I have been loving lately. Some really new and, others, not so new, but music you should know nonetheless.

5. Daft Punk – Superheros (Solidisco Remix) [Free Download] Solidisco has taken Daft Punk’s classic “Superheros” and have given it a nice, nü-disco retouch. Having a slightly slower tempo than the original, but a different kind of vibe that is just as good, this tune is good enough to get just about anyone dancing.

4. DJ Pierre – Acid (Pierre’s ACID FACE Mix) [Beatport] Anyone that knows me in the slightest knows that I love acid tracks. This monster tune by DJ Pierre has all the acid anyone would want, and has a vocal throughout the song that just says “Acid” in increasingly pleasured tones. Nothing creepy about that.

3. Zedd – Spectrum (Robots Can’t Dance Remix) [Free Download] Robot’s Cant Dance took Zedd’s “Spectrum,” remixed it, and gave it a totally different vibe from the original. Similar to the sound  Madeon is known for, this remix is perfect for any DJ’s set or any listener’s ears.

2. Wood Holly – How Hoe Hoe [Beatport] Wood Holly’s title track fromt heir debut EP can get everyones’ booty’s shakin’. This monster of a track has all that west coast tech house vibe, with a sudden drop in tempo that delivers an unexpected pleasuring feel through the ears followed by a slow, gradual buildup back to it’s normal tempo.

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1. Breakbot – You Should Know (ft. Ruckazoid) [Beatport]

This is my favorite track off Breakbot’s new album. What I love about tracks like these is that they don’t sound like they were made on a computer (though I personally do not know how he makes his music). The piano, guitar, and all other sounds just sound so live and real, and the vocals add an awesome element that makes this song all the more relaxing.

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