Daniel Edwards: Sculpting Pop Culture

Daniel Edwards Britney Spears

You know him as the guy who made a life-sized statue of a naked Britney Spears giving birth to her son Sean on a bear skin rug. But his mom knows him as Daniel Edwards.

Born in La Porte, Ind., Edwards has made a name for himself in the modern art world using some of our most revered, stalked and talked about celebrities. He creates bizarre, striking portraits usually depicting the star in some ironic pose or fashion as a means of making a more interesting statement about their lives and our somewhat unhealthy obsessions

Because these figures are so hard to avoid in our every day lives, the humorous twist on reality Edwards creates makes his work both extremely relevant and irresistible.

No one is safe from the sculptor’s reach. Since his breakout piece of Britney, he’s tackled a topless Hillary Clinton, a dead and naked Paris Hilton, a mummified pharaoh Oprah, the bronzing of Suri Cruise’s first bowel movement, a greedy Jay-Z totem and more. His works are announced with satirical press releases which usually proport the pieces as honest-news statements of death, or political and social monuments. They’re all as morbidly funny as you’d imagine.

His work, both talented and full of meaning, holds a mirror up to ourselves, our idols, as well as our strange modern era. It seems like we’ve got some food in our teeth.

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