Madeon in Gainesville: Video

Madeon in Gainesville, photo by: Jake Pierce

Madeon in Gainesville, photo by: Jake PierceFuck memos, TPS reports and your case of the Mondays. Everyone’s least favorite day was bumped to legendary status in Gainesville earlier this week when Dynasty Group brought Madeon rip-roaring through to town.

The 18-year-old French boy-wonder delivered one of the tightest and most energizing sets we’d say Gainesville’s to date. He lit up the collegiate, neon masses and sent them home begging for more. Hopefully, if you were there, you remember the shenanigans, but we wouldn’t put it past Gvegas to leave a few memories spotty.

View the full 88-photo album of the night on facebook.

Shit kicked off with Aeriform, one of our local favorites, who warmed the crowd up with just the kind of funk to make those wall-flowers get to twerkin’. If you loved his set, or unfortunately missed it, make sure you grab up his summer mix for free download.

After setting the mood with plenty of ass-shaking electro goodness, Aeriform was followed by local stunner Adrian Villaverde, who you can catch killing it at Forum Saturdays every week. He kept the crowd vibing to his smooth house mixes as the place continued to fill.

Gainesville came out in their party best, rockin’ lots of glowing gadgets and neon get-ups. Quite a few kids were reppin’ their D&N tanks, because the G definitely dubs to that fuck step.

As midnight came and passed, the energy in the room was rising and necks craned to see techies rushing to set up the young star’s computer, mixer and array of launch pads. From the dancers on the floor, to the VIP behind and everyone hanging over the second-story banister, the crowd swarmed around the to get a good look.

Finally, at about 12:40 am.m, the mini monster made his way on stage. His tiny and delicate frame was wrapped in a big, black suit, ala fellow-Frenchman Gessafelstein. He stopped to pose for pictures with excited fans, most of whom were clearly older than the young-man they fawned over.

Villaverde dropped into his last track and removed his headphones as Madeon stepped up to his mac. He tapped at his pad and called up the first song, a slowed-down Cedric Gervais asking “How does it sound if we spend the night out?”

He sped it up, building momentum into his first drop, and immediately the crowd roared. Arms shot up and the front rows glowed with camera lights. Madeon turned his head up and sang along with Gervais to the sky, then brought his arms down hard and nodded his head with the beat.

For someone who looks so unassuming (?), he has fantastic stage presence. Like a true master of his art form, he glides seamlessly between concentration and crowd participation. One moment, he’s honed in on his gear, playing his launch pad like a square piano, the next he’s pointing at the crowd and arching backward into the music.


“Now you’re going to die,” the speakers warned, and he jammed from the feel-good funk into the hard-edge of Knife Party’s “Internet Friends.” The track stuttered under his jabbing fingers, flying across the pads.

He took the crowd on a serious journey over mountains and valleys, building them up and dropping them hard, keeping a funky vibe while incorporating all kinds of styles and genres. From nostalgic classics like “Heads Will Roll,” to Skrillex’s Doors collab and Dada Life’s gritty “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker.”

Gainesville was eating up everything he served. When he dropped a remix of the Killer’s “Mr. Brightside,” friends across the dance floor turned to one another and belted out the familiar lyrics. Girls rocked out on shoulders for a better view as the mousey maestro bled himself onto his equipment.

But of course, the kids screamed the loudest for his already-iconic productions. “Icarus” brought up the hands mid-way through his set, and we were all treated to a live performance of his 34-song mash up “Pop Culture” as the curfew neared. From there, he deepened the mood flowing into newest single “Finale.”

“Go out fighting, go out young,” the mouths yelled in unison with the track. Madeon waved his hands before them like a conductor, relishing in the appreciation and recognition from his avid fans. But just as things reached their peak, he busted out the big guns.

“Because we, are, your friends,” echoed through the Vault, capping the night off with a taste of one of his home countries’ most successful exports. As everyone chanted along, the sound faded out and the track slowed, and we realized the night was coming to an end.

“One more song” and “Madeon,” they screamed. The boy checked with his manager and gave the thumbs up. One more reprise of “Internet Friends” to send them off, and the lights came on for realsies.

As the heads filed out, wide-eyed and covered in sweat, it was a give-in most would continue the party wherever their destination. After a set like that, there was no silent walk home. We’re stoked to have witnessed the kid from an intimate vantage point, and we hope you dig the video of his epic finish.

Big ups to Antonio Mercado and the rest of the Dynasty crew for throwing another show-stopper. Watch out for more from these kids, and if you get the chance, make sure you catch the French prodigy when he sweeps through your town. You won’t be disappointed. Miami Identity Fest, that means you.

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