LEGO Forest – Festival of Play

LEGO forest Broken Hill

LEGO is celebrating 50 years in Australia, and to show their appreciation, they’re bringing a little LEGO magic to the Land Down-Under.

Scratch that. They’re bringing some pretty fucking big magic.

It’s called the Festival of Play, and part of it sees the installation of life-size LEGO forests, popping up in different locations across the country. From what we saw on their website, it looks like they pick a new location each month.

The result is a splendid surprise (no, seriously, people don’t know it’s going to happen until it does). Just looking at these pictures makes us want to hop the next plane over so we, too, can explore the landscapes of our childhood.

Check out these brilliant images from Sydney’s city-scape forest and the Outback forest of Broken Hill.

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