Fake Blood live at Grand Central Miami

Fake Blood live at Grand Central Miami

Don’t be fooled by the name, there was nothing faux about Fake Blood at Grand Central.

He dropped an hour and a half of some of the funkiest, darkest, most underground shit we’d never heard before. Yet, even with all that non-IDable bass, he managed to keep the crowd enthused and engaged with his next-level mixing and sheer artistry. There was no grabbing on the mic to hype the crowd, no crazy cake-throwing gimmicks needed. Fake Blood is the motherfucking real thing, folks.

Shout outs to great opening and closing sets from Miami’s Mike Deuce and Damaged Goods respectively. They dropped a lil bit of everything and kept us grooving from beginning to end.

Check out the photos from the evening and get a sense of what you missed. And never ever sleep on a chance to see Fake Blood do his thing!

PS- Shout out to Sam Doucette for rockin’ that stage out. Way to get your shirt signed in style.

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