Bobby K Fall 2012 Lookbook

Bobby K Fall Lookbook 2012; photo courtesy: daryna barykina photography

It’s been a little while since we caught up with Gainesville-based, hot-and-fun fashion designer Bobby K, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hard at work!

He just released his Fall 2012 lookbook, and we are falling over ourselves for the Reloaded collection.

Some of these pieces made their debut on the Jacksonville Fashion Week runway in April, but Mr. K has since added some new ensembles and embellishments.

The collection is built around a basic color palette of blues, yellows, grays and blacks, but that’s no random assortment of hues.

“I have synesthesia, so a lot of my inspiration comes from the senses and things im feeling at the time,” he said. “When I first heard the new Sleigh Bells album, it made me feel yellow and blue, and at the time, those were my inspirations.”

Check out our live footage from the Sleigh Bells show in Gainesville.

Who knew you could wear your favorite music? In a sense, Bobby K’s designs come out as a sort of visual timeline of his own emotions while making them. So when you hit the streets in a Bobby K look, tell the world you’re actually a walking work of conceptual art.

And if you’re wearing this Fall collection, you should definitely be hitting those streets, hard.

[box] “My girl is the downtown girl with the edge. She’s the girl that doesn’t care about notches on the bedpost, what people think of her. Her eyeliner is always a little smudged. She never has a boyfriend because she doesn’t need one. She can walk into a room, and becomes the target of everyone’s attention because of her attitude.” [/box]

Well duh, especially when she’s dressed in one of these. It’s simple, but edgy, and we like that.

But can we get a little taste of what’s next?

“The next collection is galaxy themed,” he said. “That’s where my girl is in the spring. Inspired by Charli XCX.”

Can’t wait! Until then, make sure you follow Bobby K on facebook, and grab up these and other Bobby K creations on his webstore. Heads up to Daryna Barykina photography for the awesome photos.

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