The Urban Hactivisim of Florian Rivière

The Urban Hactivisim of Florian Rivière


French-artist Florian Rivière refers to himself as an Urban Hactivist. The public space is a playing field and he is the one designing the games. He follows one strict rule that any material he uses must be found in the public space as well. Using anything from shopping carts to wooden pallets, Florian crafts humorous art interventions that require participation from John and Jane Q. Public.

An example of one of these interventions is the “Don’t pay, play” project he completed in Strasbourg, France. Florian converted a grocery store parking lot into a playing field set up for several different sports. He did this using the painted lines of the parking lot and shopping carts.

Florian Rivière’s hactivism is not limited to just creating games. His interventions are about using the public space and creating something fun out of the mundane. Make the public space more public and utilize it better.

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