Pop Glow “Summer Singles”

Pop Glow

Yes, it’s summer time. Kids are off of school, jeans are unbearably warm and music is soft, sweet and melts in your mouth. Especially if you’re jamming to Pop Glow this season, and if you’re not, you certainly should be.

We first encountered this Orlando-based chillwave-pop-hop duo during a performance at this year’s Gainesville Fashion Week. Back then, they were a trio, and they totally stole our hearts with their smooth, feel-good atmospheres. Plus, they had swag.

These days, Pop Glow is Ronnie Zeller and Josh Miller. By day, they’re music teachers, but by night, they’re totally vibin’ behind keys and guitars, making girls swoon with sweet songs about love and sunny days and various existential musing.

They just released their third EP, a five-song collection of tracks called “Summer Singles,” originally intended to be released in parts.

“But when we got to the last song, we felt like we should put them out as a set because they related well to each other,’ Zeller said. “Even if every song didn’t have the same sounds or message, they seemed to belong together.”


The Orlando-based group have previously released two other EPs, Endless Summer and Caribbean, both available for free download on bandcamp.

With their early stuff, Zeller said the goal was to spread love and good-feelings, because people get enough of the crappy stuff in their every day lives. That message comes across beautifully in songs like “Just Like I’m in a Dream” and “High,” but on this most recent collection of tracks, he said they gave themselves room to dig a bit deeper.

“‘Feel So’ and ‘Sunrise’ are probably the most personal. The lyrics are almost like a love letter to someone,” he said. “The other three songs focus more on whether or not we really think about what we say and do on a daily basis. If we really even know who we are? I think about that a lot, and I wanted the lyrics for those songs to be like a wake up call to everyone, including myself.”

Existentialism aside, the tracks are still wonderfully warm and dance-able, hauntingly sweet at times and hard to get out of your head.

Check out their home-mad video for Sunrise, grab the new EP for free and show Pop Glow some love on facebook.

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