Lights Out Festival 2012

Lights Out Festival 2012

Lights Out Festival made it’s debut last Saturday in downtown Miami. With a lineup including Felix Cartal, RJD2, Crizzly, Lucky Date, Felix Da Housecat, DJ Icey and others, I was quite stoked for this event.

However, not everything always goes as planned. An apparent issue with the indoors main stage caused the doors to open 2 hours later than scheduled, cutting set times short for many acts. A shame for those that got there early considering it was quite hot, but I figured  Dementia (the company that organized the event) would rather have had a fully functioning event starting later than an improper one from the start, so I’ll give them that.

When doors finally opened, I found Tallahassee’s own Mark Starr warming up the outside Local Stage stage with with all kinds of groovy ghetto tech, playing plenty of his originals including “Sunshine” and “Rood Boy” (a personal favorite of mine). Inside at the Main Stage Crespo was starting things off in a similar fashion with Worthy’s “Shy Look.” While he was keeping it sexy, he didn’t hesitate to take the incoming crowd on a ride with some more energetic jams like Dada Life’s “White Noise/Red Meat”.

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The production was definitely caliber, there were plenty lights, lasers, and LCD screens on the main stage, and both stages had plenty of sound. The main stage even had a dance floor with alternating lights , giving it a very disco feel. Given all that though, it never felt like the placed filled up enough.

Brass Knuckles went on after Crespo and took the crowd on a fun ride full of jams. They even had a live guitarist playing tunes melodies on top of the musi they were playing (a staple for any Brass Knuckles performance). DJ Icey threw down a really impressive performance, keeping the crowd dancing and sweating throughout his set with tracks like “Lightspeed” by Datsik and Kill the Noise and “Could This Be Real” by Sub Focus. Having been DJing for the many years he has, he knows what the crowd wants, even if they don’t know it yet.

Helicopter Showdown went on at 6 PM and threw down a proper bass set full of dubstep jams like Nero’s “Doomsday” that made the crowd go bonkers and made some look like they were having a seizure.

DJ Blend

Right after though, was DJ Bl3nd. An act I would never have imagined seeing live, I can safely say he is possibly a bigger hype man then Steve Aoki, and that’s no small feat. As a DJ though, that can make or break your set depending on how much and how you do it. Not surprisingly though, the young crowd ate his performance up.

Crizzly took ove after Bl3nd. Dropping JWLS’ bootleg of “Lap Dance” by Tyga was definitely a surprise, but a welcome one at that. By now the crowd was sizable and there was way too much sweat for me to handle.

Lucky Date rocked the place with electro jams hard enough to make you want to bang your head against the wall, keeping the crowd going until RJD2 went on. It seemed as though the crowd was not feeling the transition from the bangers Lucky Date was playing to RJD2′s the smoother hip-hop and funky-like tunes. But man can he DJ. His setup included 4 turntables and real vinyl, mixing allt he tunes as seamlessly as he does is no small feat by any means.


Felix Da Housecat kept things simple, dark and sexy, though it was still full of energy. Dropping a remix of Miss Kitten and The Hacker’s “Frank Sinatra and Luke Abbot’s “Brazil”. This set was quite fitting since it was 1 AM and the crowd had been work by hours of dancing.

Closing out the night was Felix Cartal. Playing a wide variety of tracks reflective of his  weekly podcast “Weekend Workout”, it seemed as though his goal was to make the crowd dance no matter how tired they were, and dance they did. Unfortunately, his set  that started at 1:30 AM was cut short as the lights went on at 2 AM, an unfortunate victim of the set times being pushed back.

Overall, the delayed opening and below-expected attendance was made up for by the diverse lineup and awesome production. If this event is to repeat next year, count me in.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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