Keira Rathbone: Typewriter Art

Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone photo courtesy: artistic process is inherently creative, but at FWP, we get super stoked when the creativity bleeds into the medium.

Today, we share with you an exciting artist from Britain who’s making a splash re-purposing old typewriters. Whoever says typewriters are outdated is just thinking inside the box.

Keira Rathbone has a whole slew of old-school machines that she uses to create interesting portraits and landscapes. Much the way nerds sit around making ASCII pics with keyboard characters, Rathbone uses only the black-and-white marks at her disposal to breathe life into the forgotten relics.

As an extra cute bonus, she brings performance art into the mix by working in public, dressed according to the period of manufacture of whatever particular typewriter she’s using that day.

Her work has been translated into printed t-shirts and pins which you can buy via her etsy. She travels a lot it seems, so keep an eye out for her in your town, and check out this video from Duetsche Well to learn more!


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