Electric Forest 2012: Festival For Friends

Electric Forest 2012: Festival For Friends

Damn, what’s that smell?

It’s just all the dirty festy kids coming back from Electric Forest 2012, but don’t hate – it takes a lot of awesome to work up a layer of dirt and sweat like that.

We certainly gave our shower a work out after this weekend. Four days of total music and art insanity in the beautiful woodlands of Rothbury, Mich. More than 20,000 came out for the sold-out second round of annual festivities, and the place was definitely full of our dust.

We got there with about 10 of our best festy friends real early on Thursday. Doors were scheduled to open at 10 a.m., but we and hundreds of others got there near the crack of dawn and hustled our way in for a good spot of camping by the festival entrances.

Now, it’s hard for us to recap Thursday entirely. Let’s just say, we’ve got first-hand knowledge that some pranksters were running around, dosing people with some kind of research chemical from squirt guns – or something. Apologies if anyone saw that crazy girl trying to pee all up in the street, screaming “YES!” as loud as possible before the gates even opened. At least one of us found the land of the gods. NAKED YES IS THE NEW RELIGION!

Friday, we were more on our hustle, ready to take on the awesome acts and see the sights.

Remember kids, when coming to the forest, always bring (or buy on site for $80) a comfy hammock. Forest naps are the best way to get through the hot day.

We headed into “Sherwood Forest” that afternoon and found ourselves presently surprised by a performance near the forest stage by Collaboraction. The 23-member musical and theatrical ensemble, based in Chicago, came on like a flash mob from the trees, treating spectators to some fun dancing, music and crazy antics.

They moved among the crowd until you could hardly tell who was with them and who was caught up in the moment. They even pretended to birth a baby from some dude. Exactly the kind of fun thing you want to meet in the forest.

Our favorite set of the day was AutoErotique, who blew us away with his set, keeping things fresh amid some heavy dubstep DJ insanity. We really appreciated when he dropped the ever-present hit “Le7els” and jumped on the mic to quip that “This song is by Avicii.” A sense of humor helps the obnoxious songs go down.

The most hilarious set was by far Steve Aoki’s. To be honest, we didn’t watch it (because once you seen Aoki, you know). We did however correctly call his drops before he mixed into them. He just may be the definition of predictability. Sorry we’re not sorry.

By Saturday, we had to spend the $10 to take the fancy shower in the on-site water trailers. Having the chance to clean yourself after being stranded in the dust for days is really a game-changer.

We were completely blown away by HOTTUB, definitely one of our new favorite acts ever. Imagine two dudes getting busy on some classic 909s and 303s, like really rippin’ shit, fronted by three badass hipster chics yelling shit like “start a riot” and telling the crowd to cum their pants. Yeah, we’re in love.

The rest of the day was a smooth and groovy ride, until 12th Planet‘s plane got all fucked and he switched places on the Tripolee stage with Dada Life. Of course, Dada still killed it and 12th merked motherfuckers with the best dubstep set around. That man has too much energy.

The reign of the Naked Yes continued during STS9‘s amazing closing set, back at Sherwood Court. That is to say, this awesome mother fucker was out there, buck-ass naked and fierce-eyed, literally controlling the music with his dick. Sometimes, you just have to take your clothes off and save the world, man. But we heard he got tazed. That kinda sucks. #NakedYes

Oh yeah, and we totally took our shirts off for Major Lazer. #NakedYes

By Sunday, we could barely go on, but of course we raged through it nonetheless. We, like, couldn’t be sadder to report that we missed M Machine (OMFG COLLECTIVE NOOOOOO). But we did totally vibe out to Gramatik, and boy did we ever appreciate the minimal tech stylings of Richie Hawtin.

Bassnectar certainly brought the hard shit to the Ranch Area. We couldn’t get over how awesome it was to watch everyone throw their glowsticks in the air on the drops. It was as if it were scheduled on purpose. And the same vibe carried over to Big Gigantic at Sherwood Court, closing out the festival for good. It’s safe to say, if someone saw that performance and wasn’t obsessed with Big G already, they are now.

This is us, with all of the fervor, calling Electric Forest the best music festival for gathering friends.

It’s just behind us, and already we can’t wait to come back next year to get weird. We saw a lot of friends, made some new ones and took some of the best shady naps of our lives. But damned if we’re not still pulling black boogers out of our nose – which is ew.

Whatever, it was totally worth it.

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