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D&N Clothing Let's Dub To Fuck Step

“Let’s Dub To Fuck Step”

If you’re a real rager, you’ve seen that suggestive sentence before. If you’re a rager in Gainesville, you should know exactly where it comes from.

D&N Clothing began in our hometown of Gville, Fl., but has ties all over the state in Orlando and Boca Raton. The brain-child of William Newton and Aaron Davis, D&N specialize in party tanks of various colors and sizes, but it’s the swaggy statements adorning each style that really pack the punch. This shit is witty, mean and classic all rolled into one.

The original tank which sparked the nation-wide sensation came about as friends just sat around, making fun. Newton and our bruh Shaan Saigol (who happens to be one half of Vass), came up with the “Let’s Dub To Fuck Step” idea and hand-printed the first-ever copy themselves. (That’s him in the OG tank to the right, wielding a banana and some serious cash money.)

From there, the tank went on a whirlwind tour with Identity Festival, and suddenly, everywhere you looked was a raging broster reppin’ Fuck Step. They even made it to Hipster Runoff, which is how you know you’ve made it in underground culture.

Of course, Let’s Dub To Fuck Step is the famous best-seller, but there are tanks for all occasions. For instance, never be caught the morning after without your “Walk of Glory” tank, nor should you bust a move without donning your “Occupy the Dance Floor” D&N original.

Our personal favorite? “Like it was 1980″ all done up in glorious white lines.

This is some top-notch broster shit, and they’ve been expanding their market recently, moving into the realm of rage glasses and bracelets. But it’s still the tanks we adore the most. What’s your favorite?


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