Dayglow “Life In Color” Tour Miami Featuring Alesso, Deniz Koyu And More

Dayglow “Life In Color” Tour Miami Featuring Alesso, Deniz Koyu And More

Here at Fresh Wet Paint, you all know we like things fresh and sticky. But damn, if we get the chance to check out some actual fresh wet paint, we’re ALL over it.

Last Friday, Dayglow (“America’s Largest Paint Party” by many), threw their highly-anticipated Miami show as part of their Life In Color Summer Tour at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Though Miami was just one of many stops this season’s tour had, this one was different. Aside from being thrown in a city known for it’s large electronic music scene, Miami is also where the company that runs and operates Dayglow, Committee Entertainment, is based out of. So the organizers spared no expense at making this one special.

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We arrived to the event to find a massive production of sound and lights. The stage was elevated with various large LED screens surrounding the DJ booth, paint guns ready to doze the crowd, speakers hanging from the ceiling and dozens more underneath the stage.

It basically seemed as though the setup belonged in a music festival. But it wasn’t by any means overkill as the crowd was 10,000 strong. One thing they did was, for the first time in Dayglow history, stream the entire event live online.

Dayglow fans after the paint was unleashed.

Deniz Koyu had just taken over the decks as we came in. Once he started playing I noticed a countdown of 60 minutes was being displayed ont he stage’s LED screens, and I knew that was the countdown leading up to the paint being unleashed onto the crowds.

His set was full of energy from the start. Playing Dada Life’s “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker” got the crowd going crazy. Other notable tracks included “Rattle” by Bingo Players, “Troll” by Qulinez, “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris and his own original “Tung”. Koyu then upped the energy with Nicky Romero’s “Toulouse”.

And the countdown struck zero.

The lights dimmed out and the music phased out as the crowd was waiting for what they knew was about to happen. A countdown like that of old films appeared on screen and everyone started counting down with it from 10. Once it struck zero, paint and confetti flew into the crowd. The paint guns on and around the stage were manned and started dozing the crowd in a rainbow of colors.


Though Keniz’s set had the crowed fully energized, they were still eager for a second serving of bangers as headliner Alesso took the stage.

Mixing his usual progressive sound with anthems the crowd was loving. One thing I definitely noted was his use of both Swedish House Mafia and Pendulum tracks. It should be no surprise that he would play SHM tracks given his good relationship with the trio, but him also playing Pendulum’s “The Island” led me to believe he played those as a homage to the recent breakup/end of the two groups.

His set was overall was pretty solid, featuring tracks such as Michael Woods “Bullet”, his own “Raise Your Head”, and a a mega mashup that included Hard Rock Sofa’s “Quasar”, Dirty South’s remix of “Coming Home” and Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic”.

The thing about Alesso, though, is that he knows what the crowd wants to hear. Not in a “DJ play the song I’ve heard a million times” way, but in the sense that, while everyone knew most of the songs he was playing, he played them in such an order and with clean transitions that it gave it a sense of flow and connect with the crowd, something I always respect in a DJ set.

All the while during his set, paint continued to be thrown into the crowd until his set was over. Arias and Crespo closed out the night playing a wide variety of tunes ranging from “Mercy” by Kanye West to “Atom” by Nari and Milani to Knife Party’s “Internet Friends”. The night ended with Dayglow’s MC Emir Duru presenting the founders of Dayglow to the crowd, followed by all of them, including some of the company members’ families, dancing on stage untill the music ended shortly after.

Overall, the event was a blast, and it was nice to finally have Fresh Wet Paint attend such a massive event full of, of course, fresh wet paint.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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