An Interview With Konec (Including An Exclusive Preview To His Upcoming EP!)

An Interview With Konec (Including An Exclusive Preview To His Upcoming EP!)

Based in England, Konec  has been producing some serious tracks that have gotten some serious attention on the internet and has had two of them tracks played on xKore’s mix for UMF Radio. I recently got to correspond with the man behind Konec (Richard Wilkins) via email to get to know him a little better.

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GPS: Tell us about yourself.

[box]Richard: Making music is pretty much my hobby as well as graphic design, I do all the graphics for Konec. Big fan of TV comedy too, Peep Show, Arrested Development, Community, 30 Rock, The Office are all up there for me. Food-wise i’m not too fussed, just not liver. That’s one thing that will never go on my rider.[/box]

Do you plan on experimenting on genres beyond the dubstep and drumstep you have released?

[box]I have been focusing on electro, it’s where my background is so that’s always on my agenda![/box]

Dubstep and Drumstep seems to be genres that are quickly branded onto producers if they make it from the start. Do you feel as though that may set you back when you make different sounds and show them to your followers?

[box]Not at all, I put my Konec sound into the different genres I make so people hopefully won’t think of my music as “Dubstep” or “Drumstep” so much but more as Konec music, be it [tempos of] 100, 110, 128, 140, 170 or higher.[/box]

The dubstep/drumstep that has mainly been pushed forward over the past few years is, as many refer to it as, “brostep.” Some think that sound has reached it’s peak and is bound to decline sooner or later. Do you think there is still hope of keeping it alive? What are your thoughts on the brostep sound in general (as some categorize your music as such).

[box]I have a bunch of production experience that let’s me have more freedom with the Konec sound that will let me move out of the bass movement when the time comes. Although I hope it keeps going to be honest because what’s better than some mad huge beats and bass that max out systems, right? I make music I enjoy so yeah, I are having fun at the moment and couldn’t care about  the naysayers and unconstructive critics.[/box]

When the topic is not electronic music, what do you like to talk about?

[box]Design, how the world works, streetwear and music that isn’t electronic.[/box]

What do you hate to talk about? 

[box]Bass patches.[/box]

What artists do you admire/look up to? Which would you love to work with?

[box]I really look up to Diplo. He’s got a great work ethic and he’s gotten so big without selling out at all, he’s still so humble. One day he’ll be in the studio with some big r&b guy and next he’s working with some underground unheard of kid, it’s really cool. I’m a big fan of his whole aesthetic right now too. Would love to work with him some day.[/box]

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Are there any certain songs that you can hear a million times and never get bored of hearing? What songs just make you go “wow, this is amazing” every time you hear it?

[box]Roygbiv by Boards of Canada, 4 by Aphex Twin, Hover Traps by Rustie, Faxing Berlin by Deadmau5, Digital Love, Emotion by Daft Punk, All Your Love by Hudson Mohawke and Baby I’m Yours by Breakbot with Irfane. All I can think of for now, there will be more i’ll want to add the minute this gets uploaded.[/box]

What are your goals for the next few months/years?

[box]Finish up my EP ‘Cascade’ (Title track posted as a preview below!), get it released and then find myself management. Then who knows really![/box]

Thanks for your time Konec and I look forward to what the future has in store for you! Be sure to check out the exclusive preview of  his new track “Cascade” down below!

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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