AIR: Alcohol That Tastes Like Water

Air Berry Citrus flavor

Come Up For Air
Alright so, we all love gettin’ schwastey right? Except for those few of us who love getting schwastey so much that we just can’t do it anymore. People get hurt, people cry. It’s not pretty.

Anyway, other than those party poopers, the only down-side to drinking is that awful taste. You have to spend extra money on fancy mixers and gross sodas just to enjoy the fucking shit. Except for whiskey. Whiskey is always fucking delicious.

Anyway, fuck all that noise, because the future of malt beverage consumption is here! And it looks like it just came out of the Ammy Appy factory; ie- it’s sleek and the design is pretty basic. Hipsters, get ready for AIR!

It’s a carbonated beverage consisting mostly of water with four percent alcohol mixed in. Allegedly, it’s tasteless and odorless, like a nice vodka, but cheap and comes in a tin can, like Mad Dog. It comes in alternative berry and citrus flavors, too, in case you hate the taste of water.

Unfortunately, we haven’t personally run into this concoction, but we’re hoping it hits shelves near us asap. Have you tastes air?

Check out this wacky video that has almost nothing to do with the drink, but features a sweet jet pack and some kids with groovy haircuts.


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