Spring Awakening 2012 Makes Killer Debut

Spring Awakening 2012 Makes Killer Debut

photo taken by: Tamara Susa (tamarasusa.com)

Soldier Field was party central this past weekend for the debut of Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival. The turnout was great both days, and all weekend I kept hearing comments bout how Soldier Field was such an awesome venue. With a total of four stages, including one inside the stadium, there was non-stop action and so many stellar acts.

It did have a few hiccups along the way, such as the sound dying on the main stage during Benny Benassi’s set, which turned out to be no big deal because he played an extra-long set later at House of Blues. Trying to get transportation on Saturday night in the rain after the festival was quite the nightmare, but it was much smoother on Sunday. Also $9.50 beers suck.

[one_half]The Funktion-One sound system had the some of the best sound in a festival tent I have ever heard. That tent was rocking all weekend long with two of my personal highlights being Nervo and Joachim Garraud.

Some of the mainstage standout performances came from Green Velvet, who got us all bouncing right away with “Milli Vanilli” and built the main stage crowd in time for Carl Cox, who also had a wonderful set. It was the perfect vibe for an afternoon of partying in Solider Field.


photo taken by: Vladimir Zaytsev of React Presents


Other memorable moment’s included the guy with the Duct tape around his face – serious dedication in that heat; the rain during Skrillex and lots of neon boobies. Also, the couple that was fucking up in section 221 during the middle of the day, just want to say thanks for the “visuals” You had a crowd of spectators, including staff, and everyone just let you two go at it. Bravo. Zero fucks given (except for the obvious).

photo taken by: Vladimir Zaytsev of React Presents

All in all, I will call this first time festival a huge success for the dance music scene in Chicago. Their was a lot of local talent, and judging by some of the artist reactions, they had a blast too. The guys over at React really went out of their way to make this a great festival for everyone, and a big shout out to the Chicago Parks Department for letting them hold it there.  Cant wait to do it again next year.

Best Shirt Slogan of the Festival: “Dance Like Your Vagina is on Fire”

Worst: “One Roll to Rule them All” (seriously?)

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