Digitalism DJ Through the Night at Grand Central, Miami

Digitalism at Grand Central, Miami

Last week, Digitalism came to Miami to bring back a little of the WMC magic, transporting us back in our minds to their performance at this year’s Ultra Music Festival. Of course, it’s always nicer to see an artist you really love in an intimate club setting as opposed to festival grounds, and we sure do love us some Digitalism.

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The night got started with a killer opening set from Miami-local Jessica Who. She was murdering the place with classic electro jams from the likes of Hot Chip, Lykke Li and Justice. It was n especially memorable opening set really, one that seemed to impress the people I was dancing with as much as it impressed me.

But of course, the crowd was most excited for the German electro-punk duo to take the stage, and by 1:30 a.m., it was time.

Just like that set at Ultra, they started off with their track “Miami Showdown.” Fittingly. The set continued in a manner not unlike their performance in March. It’s not often you hear someone drop Justice’s “Planisphere,” even though it should be. Of course, they continued with their own hits throughout the night, breaking out “Pogo,” “Idealistic” and “Zdarlight” just to name a few.

They even dropped a number of Daft Punk tracks, none of which were “One More Time,” the sign of a truly great selektor (in my quite personal and unhumble opinion). As tends to happen, the crowd sang along to the wordless hook of “Da Funk” while it played out.

Digitalism are clearly engulfed in their task at hand as they work it out. They’re not the most flamboyant DJs to watch, and they’re not perfect performers, but their track selection remains truly glorious. From time to time, they’ll look up at the crowd, sing along to their songs silently, put their hands in the air and conduct a roar or two. Mostly though, they hunch over, sweaty and focused, giving it their all.

They kept the crowd interactive, cutting out the music on their big hits and letting everyone scream the words aloud. They pumped everyone up with the classic “Kernkraft 400,” and lent the evening some atmosphere with a mix of M83′s “Midnight City.”

All in all, it was a fabulous night full of old classics and new favorites, with two of the coolest cats Germany has to offer. We’re still looking forward to one day catching a live set from these guys, but for now, suffice it to say, they sure know how to set the mood at a party.

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