Digitalism at Grand Central Miami Saturday

Digitalism at Grand Central Miami flyer

Digitalism at Grand Central Miami flyerHere at FWP, we are so in love with the year 2007, we want to get it tattoo’d on our foreheads. It was a magical time when electro in American was still hip, exciting and new. House parties were the name of the game, DJs were still few and far between, and they never dropped “Levels” or anything featuring Pitbull that wasn’t on M.I.A.M.I.

One tell-tale sign you were at a good party in ’07 was any drop of Digitalism, most likely it was “Pogo” or “Idealistic.” Yet, with all that awesomeness that was the album Idealism, it always felt like they were just one of those under-rated groups by the mainstream, and getting the chance to see the boys live State-side, besides the big-big cities, felt like a wet dream.

Thankfully, the German electro-house bad boys never gave up the hustle, and have since released another great album in I Love You, Dude. We were stoked when they hit the road for a supporting tour, and we were more than happy to catch their awesome DJ set at Ultra this year.

Well, us hip electro cats of Miami are in for one last little treat. Digitalism will be making their final appearance in the US for the year (as  far as their schedule is concerned to date) right here in our favorite backyard venue – Grand Central!

It’s going to be hella tight. Check out this video from their performance in Chicago we nabbed. And get to know them with their super-cool installment in the DJ-Kicks series, where they lay down all their favorite jams from yesterday and today, while mixing in some great original tunes.

Tickets for tomorrow are only $15 presale, so hurry up! Hope to see you out, Miami!


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