CLOUDZbyTy: Shades with Color

CLOUDZbyTy sunglasses

CLOUDZbyTy sunglassesMeet Ty, an independent street artist gettin’ his mad hustle on in New York City. For the past two years, he’s blasted the streets of Soho with his “Hello My Name Is Ty” stickers and crazy, colorful cloud people.

His bright, squiggly characters are like something out of a DMT-induced Saturday morning cartoon. He uses clouds to represent his aim to be ever morphing and changing as a person and artist, a concept he first started toying with in class.

“I decided that I would just use the idea of TY being a CLOUD,” he said in his website’s about page, “always moving, always changing, growing – when you look at clouds, everybody see’s something different and special.”

When we look at Ty’s art, whether it be out on the street or one of his outstanding drawings, we see something that makes our brain explode into rainbows. His style goes right with our own aesthetic, and it gets even better, because now you can wear his art on your face, for ultimate hip points!

Always looking for ways to expand his visual empire, Ty is now releasing his own limited edition graphic sunglasses, CLOUDZbyTy, featuring his unique cloud-people designs. It’s like those shitty glasses they hand out at raves, except actually worth wearing in public.

Check out some of his work in action below, and make sure you grab up a pair of this sick shades before they’re gone! Rep a hustler and look good while doing it.

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