Pretty Hot, Nah Mean

Pretty Hot, Nah Mean

Moving to a city like Chicago and making a name for yourself as a DJ is no easy task. To do it in less than a year, have five residencies at some of the best venues, and be booking gigs all across the US; some would call that next to impossible.

Well, meet Mr. Impossible. Indianapolis-native PHNM (short for PHENOM), aka Colin Rebey. I had the chance to check out PHNM a few weeks ago and shoot the shit. We took some shots while discussing dance floor philosophy, upcoming projects and the future.

I just want to play music that people immediately connect to, but in a different way. Taking what’s familiar, but putting my take on it.


I’m pretty sure all DJ’s strive to do that, but PHNM does it better than most. Why?  He sincerely means it, which is apparent with some of new his production work like, his trap remix of Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400, or his blend of TI over Flosstradamus.


Some of his first exposure to electronic music came from Prodigy’s Fat of the Land  and Daft Punk’s Homework, so he is definitely no spring chicken when it comes to inspirational artists. As I arrived at the club, it was still early, but I got a sense real quick that PHNM knew his shit as DFA 1979 was blended into some filtered disco house, and set a perfect vibe for the bartenders and staff to prep for the rush of a Saturday night.  I asked him what song always gets the party bouncing no matter how many times it’s played it out. His response:

Shake And Pop  - Green Velvet / / / House Of Jealous Lovers – The Rapture

As far as the future goes, I asked him what excited him about the future of dance music.

“I really think Drum & Bass is making a comeback. A lot more people are starting to sneak it back into their sets, and crowds have been responding great to it”

And you expect some of this and plenty more with one of his live sets. You will no doubt hear a song that you haven’t heard in a long time that immediately has you reaching for Shazam on your smartphone. Good luck, because it will be blended and remixed into some next level shit you never saw coming.

You best believe he gave us the low down on who to watch out for:

 Production wise: Cake Eater, Craig Williams, and Neoteric are excellent right now.

DJ wise i would say Knife Fight and Lemi Vice

If you want to check out PHNM in Chicago, hit up Hub51 on mondays, Cobra Lounge on Wednesdays,  or EvilOlive on Saturdays. Or check the dates below for upcoming events PHNM is playing in the next few weeks. You can always follow him out on twitter @PHNM and get upcoming event dates via facebook fan page .

Friday May 4th – PEORIA – White Folks Get Crunk Party

Saturday May 5th -INDIANAPOLIS –  w/ 12th Planet 

Friday May 11th – CHICAGO – w/ Dirtyloud, Lucky Date

Thursday June 14 – MILWAUKEE – w/ Special Guest – TBA

Saturday June 16th- CHICAGO – Spring Awakening Festival




aka Joel Richard Kienitz, is the co-founder of Fresh Wet Paint. He currently lives in Chicago and works in marketing and music. Soundcloud page

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