Mars-1 Paints Psychological Worlds In Space

aerodynamics / Mars-1

It’s no secret FWP loves outer space, the future, and all things reflective of the beautiful possibilities for mankind’s tomorrow. Anything that speaks to our penchant for the wispy, intricate, colorful and extraordinary is sure to be an instant favorite.

Such is the case with San Fransicsco-based painter and sculptor Mario Martinez, a.k.a. Mars-1, who got his start doing graffiti in Fresno, Ca. His work is breathtaking and inspiring, the best thing to space-travel we’ve got until Virgin Galactic becomes somewhat affordable.

Whether beholding one of his exotic paintings or lifelike sculptures, the looker is transported to far-away landscapes right out of science fiction. Hazy, abstract and destorted, much of his work looks like you could just reach out and grab it. Even in some of his 2D works, his texture and use of optical illusions tricks your mind into thinking, “yeah I could totally go floating through that expanse of beautiful universe.”

Mars-1 is very cerebral. It’s almost like if H. R. Giger stopped using heroin, got excited about the future and discovered the full-range of colors. It’s like 2001 A Space Odyssey on acid with a pair of binoculars. In short, it’s really quite wonderful.

His work has been exhibited across the globe from Miami to Italy, and prints of some pieces can be purchased online. Check out the above video of Martinez hard at work, and keep a look out for exhibits in your city.

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