GPS Navigator Mixtape 004: Dark Muffin

GPS Dark Muffin cover art

Time for another FWP member musical moment, and this one rides hard and digs deep.

Our own GPS, familiar to you from his writings and his killer opening sets at each and every FWP Presents party, has recently released his latest hour-long musical journey. His previous mixes saw a lot of funky jams and hard banging, but this one takes you in a whole new direction.

GPS is exploring the darker, techier sides of electro, house and techno. But don’t be fooled into laying back, this ish goes hard. You’re definitely going to bounce to this one.

The direction is a reflection of the evolving scene, and our own evolving tastes here at FWP. We strongly embrace the age of the wonky-funk-tech-bounce-booty-bass-space-trap. Yeah, that’s the new fucking genre, folks. Love it.

If you want to loose 100 pounds, go running with this in your earhole. If you want to drive 100 miles, put this on the radio wherever you go. If you want to kick ass and take names, this is the soundtrack to your life.

Driving from beginning to end, the tracklist is fresh to death and can be found exclusively below. For lasting effects, download this muffin and eat it on the go! It’s full of fiber and grooves for the whole family!

Navigator Mixtape 004 – Dark Muffin

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1. Rob Threezy – Off Dat
2. Strip Steve – Mother Circuit
3. Djedjotronic – Miamite
4. BS1 – By The Sea
5. Shadow Dancer – Wolff
6. Rob Threezy – Chicago on Acid
7. Digitalism – Technorama
8. Boys Noize & Housemeister – Saturday
9. MixHell – Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix)
10. Sound of Stereo – Diamond
11. Rob De Large – Anger (Casino Gold Remix)
12. SHAX – Mind Contro (Pornorockerz Remix)
13. Harvard Bass – Bugged
14. D.I.M. & Tai – Lyposuct
15. Volta – Keyboard 47 (Crumps Remix)
16. Hey Today! – Minor (Para One Remix)
17. roeVy – Raum (Dunjinz Remix)
18. Jan Driver – Raveyard
19. Destructo – Technology
20. Blatta & Inesha, Casino Gold – Cosign To Oblivion
21. Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (Boys Noize Remix)

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