Death Grips Scream Bloody Rebellion Over Electro-Dub-Hop Fight Music

Death Grips

Nothing is subtle about Death Grips.

Their sound rips right out of the gates and grabs you. It challenges you. It gets in your face and says “Here I am. What are you gonna do about it, bitch?”

If there’s anywhere the techno-hip-hop trio succeeds, it’s in getting people’s attention. How could they not? There’s no middle ground in this sound. It’s fiery, bold, psychotic, freewheeling and divisive.

Death Grips

jStefan Burnett is the point man in Death Grips' signature blend of in-your-face, experimental electro hip-hop.

The YouTube comments for “The Fever (Aye Aye)” feature some of our favorite fan reactions to Death Grip’s massive aural assault.

“what the fuck is this!!!” says dudekid19. “Im excited, king of scared, aroused. im sweating. This music is crazy!!! ARGGGG!!!! help me!”

But the best is totally pissedoffdad69 with “Death Grips is kind of like taking a haymaker to the balls by Kimbo Slice and enjoying it.”

If this semi-anonymous YouTube sage is right, well, bring it on, Kimbo. We enjoy it.

How best to describe the music of Death Grips? In a word, it’s bonkers. Start with the psychotic production of Zach Hill and Andy Morin, which brings techno, dubstep, hip-hop and punk together to create the frenetic and daring background for the borderline nonsensical lyrics of Stefan Burnett.

Burnett has been compared favorably by some to The Notorious B.I.G. He definitely has the big, booming voice Biggie boasted, but in terms of lyrical delivery, that’s a pretty debatable comparison.

For example, on “The Fever (Aye Aye,)” Burnett says:

“half cocked / full tilt / rabid dog / filth aarrrggghhh / know what im sayin (No, we don’t.) / fuck it / upside down / in a soft top bucket / screamin / shred it”

Okay, so not exactly Biggie, but he definitely has the booming voice. And if you can’t dig the lyrics, don’t fret. You can hardly understand what Burnett is saying on this track anyway. One of those people who can’t dig songs unless you can identify with the lyrical content? Death Grips probably isn’t for you.

An amalgamation of electro and hip-hop with loosely put together and shouted, barely intelligble lyrics sounds like a recipe for disaster. But the beauty of Death Grips is that they manage to pull it off.

The album itself is solid, but there are definitely a couple tracks that really pop out. The first is aforementioned “The Fever (Aye Aye).”

We also love “The Cage.” It blew us away with its in-your-face, techno-dubstep, future hip-hop production. And of course, more unintelligble, aggressive rap.

The simple fact of the matter is; Death Grips is not for everyone. If you’re looking for anything that sounds remotely related to popular and contemporary hip-hop, Death Grips might leave you crawling away from your computer in terror, in a cold sweat, searching for your nearest Tupac record.

However, in a world where hip-hop lovers champion safe, radio-friendly hip-hop like Drake and Lil Wayne, the world needs a band like Death Grips to push the boundaries. Or in the case of Burnett and company, to blast them down with a bazooka.

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